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Dear Jerry,

it is always nice to read your concise summaries of the "old" novels. If there ever will be an English version of the Perrypedia of these novels, your summaries would be a good starting point.

I don't want to spoil the coming surprises for you, so I just give you one advice: Brace for impact. The next three novels fully fit to your exclamation "Holy end of status quo!"

Best, Matthias

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Thanks Matthias,
I only wish I had seen your note before I had finished translating 2722! :lol: Oh well, now I am waiting with bated breath for what happens in the next two issues.

Thanks for the note of appreciation. It's good to know people are still reading these things. It's so hard to know if anyone is. :P


2722 Altin Magara

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Nr. 2722
Altin Magara
by Michael Marcus Thurner

Bostich receives asylum on Terra. With the approval of the Solar Premier he remains under Ronald Tekener's care. The USO maintains several safe houses on the Earth. Bostich selects the shelter in Istanbul. Shortly after their arrival, the reason for this quick decision becomes clear: There are Tu-Ra-Cel agents on the ground. Bostich calls in the Celista Caraner, with whom Tekener will have to work well or otherwise. The Emperor without his empire feels imprisoned and would like nothing better than fighting the occupiers of Arkon from the Terra system by organizing a resistance movement. Bostich could secretly leave the safe house if necessary but prefers to play with Tekener for the right to do it.

To keep at least part of the control, the Smiler lets Bostich win the chess game (the Arkonide is superior to the Terran in Garrabo anyway), but secretly follows him into a hammam. He arrives just in time to thwart an assassination attempt by the Tefroder Mutant Corps. Zindher Toio had succeeded in following Bostich’s vital energy trail. Satafar then collected more information and killed his involuntary informants. During the shootings in the bathhouse, some Tu-Ra-Cel agents and the Tefroder Trelast-Pevor are killed. The latter was shot by Tekener.

The now no longer safe house must be abandoned. There is a secret Celistas base in Altin Magara, part of the Tarabya district, but Bostich is still being tracked down by Toio. This time Satafar presses the agent Aydin Esendemir to get to Tekener and Bostich. While combat drones provide a distraction and a jammer becomes active, Lan Meota teleports Toio inside the hiding place. Satafar approaches Tekener to avenge Trelast-Pevor's death. Bostich attacks Toio with a Dagor fighting technique, but the Tefroder woman is at least as good at melee. Tekener is severely wounded by Satafar, but pulls himself together one last time.

It is September 15, 1514 NGE, 6:00 PM Istanbul local time. In Terrania Perry Rhodan sees in the Trivid how the image of a spiral galaxy spreads over the city on the Bosphorus. The carrier of a cell activator chip has died, but who is it?


Woo hoo! Someone died! What a blast of an issue. Thurner really knows how to ramp up the tension. The immortal corps took a sensitive hit, but we still don't know with 100% certainty which one it was. I can't wait to see Gucky in action next issue, after being out of action for so long. It will be interesting to see how his new powers continue to manifest. No matter what, an angry mousebeaver is nothing to sneeze at. I can't wait!

2723 Only Sixty-two Hours

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No. 2723
Only Sixty-two Hours
Nur 62 Stunden
by Michael Marcus Thurner

Cai Cheung receives a packet containing a cell activator chip, some organic material that proves to be from Bostich, and a message stating that it is Bostich's chip, which was removed at 19:00 local time in Istanbul. Perry Rhodan is invited to surrender to the Atopical Tribunal within the known sixty-two hour deadline. Only then will the life of the Arkonide be saved. Rhodan quickly made his decision. He will stand before the Atopic Court if Bostich is not recovered before then - but not unprepared.

Having mourned appropriately for Ronald Tekener (whose savaged corpse is later recovered), Rhodan uses the time left to develop a strategy. He meets with the TLS chief Attilar Leccore who he casually confronts with the fact that he is in the picture about his true identity: Leccore is a descendant of a Coda Aratier – a shapeshifter from the Terminal Column TRAITOR! Leccore does not deny this. Since he has proven to be a loyal friend and valuable collaborator, Rhodan will keep his secret. Leccore is now to find a way for how Rhodan can always be detected if he is taken by the Atopes.

Leccore hands over Bostich's cell activator chip to Sichu Dorksteiger. Although the LFT chief scientist has scruples about experimenting with the valuable object, she eventually envelops it with a nanoactive layer of special hypercrystals, which are only activated when the wearer of the chip changes into a higher-level continuum, for example, into hyperlight flight. Rhodan receives an injection, but the substance is a placebo. In truth, it is not he who can be followed from now on, but Bostich - but he would have to get the life-prolonging device back first. He is still in the hands of the kidnappers.

With his new para-abilities, Gucky tracks down the three remaining agents of the Tefrodish Mutant Corps in Istanbul. He works with Caraner to take them down. In the storming of the Tefroder hiding place, Toio Zindher is seriously injured. She falls into the hands of the Terrans and is treated by Zheobitt's son Zhardang, but is not able to talk. Bostich is not in the hiding place. Lan Meota had teleported with Satafarin to safety. The Terran agents still believe Satafar is a child hostage of Meota’s. It is only through the analysis of records accidentally made by a promotional robot on the day of Tekener's death that it becomes clear what the "kid" really is.

Pucky takes up the trail of the escaped assassins. With his weak telekinetic powers, he cannot stop Satafar and is hurt himself. Thus, the hunt is over. Now Rhodan has no choice. Four hours before the deadline, he declares publicly that he will face the Atopic Tribunal. Matan Addaru Dannoer promptly appears with his spaceship 232-COLPCOR which is hidden behind a distortion field and requires inlet into the Sol system. Rhodan agrees to letting it land on Terra. There, Dannoer proclaims, the trial should take place. Satafar and Lan Meota reveal Bostich's hideout and accompany the Atope’s aide in his ship. Bostich is close to death, but after re-implantation of the cell activator, he recovers quickly. Together, Rhodan and Bostich decide not to make it easy for the Atopic Tribunal to put them on trial...

Things are looking pretty bleak right now. Tekener is dead and two of his murderers have gotten away. Perry and Bostich are in the hands of the Atopic Tribunal. Whatever will they do? This was yet another well written, taut chapter in the cycle and I can't wait to finish off the next issue.

2724 Contemporary Witnesses of the Future

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Nr. 2724
Contemporary Witnesses of the Future
Zeitzeuge der Zukunft
by Wim Vandemaan

As soon as Matan Addaru Dannoer leaves the 232-COLPCOR standing on the Goshun Space Port, he is attacked. The action was approved by Arun Joschannan, although Perry Rhodan opposed it. Miniaturized autonomous weapon systems bring the ultrahard ground covering of the spaceport to a boil, but not a feather on the Atope’s head is even bent. Small globules fall to the ground around him, slowly dissolving. As it turns out in a later analysis, Dannoer can take ray shots as well as projectiles along with their kinetic energy and convert them into matter projections. He calls these beads transcrements.

Dannoer passes over the incident without comment. Panelists and a courtroom are needed for the trial of Cardinal Fractors Rhodan and Bostich. For the latter, the choice of the Judge falls on the Happy Betty, a dubious establishment in Happy Town, which he remodels as he sees fit, lining it with a variant of the Luna known techno-mesh. All sorts of Terrans should act as panelists, not only people of all ages, but also naturalized aliens, intelligence-optimized animals, intelligent robots and Futugens - the simulated consciousness of a not yet born person.

For Cai Cheung, the whole thing looks like a ridiculous farce, but it is bitterly serious. When Dannoer asks for permission to investigate Sol and the corpse of TAFALLA with the Space Father ZAATRO, Cheung refuses. It is decided a referendum should decide on this request. The fact that 51.01 percent of the Terrans will approve Dannoer's request is unimaginable for Cheung at this time, nor can they foresee that Dannoer will manipulate the voters in his favor via Trivid paramechanical forces. As if Cheung did not have enough to worry about, one thousand eight hundred Arkonide combat ships appear under the command of the ambitious Mascant Getray da Quertamagin at the edge of the crystal screen: Bostich's elite troops! Arun Joschannan asks Cheung to tolerate the presence of the Arkonides.

In the meantime, Rhodan and Bostich, who are being held captive in the 232-COLPCOR, are being led by their guardian guard Angakkuq through the spaceship. The nonhumanoid being willingly provides information on how the ship works and some background to the trial: there is a third, currently mysterious Cardinal Fractor that Angakkuq calls Adaurest, and GA-yomaad is just another name for the Milky Way!

On September 19, 1514 NGE, the tender LORETTA-56 registers the arrival of the one hundred thirty-five meter cylinder ship GAUPELLAR GUZDRIN. Its commander is an Ultra-Heavy, who calls himself as a Commodore Fenckenzer. When the cylinder ship penetrates the crystal screen without any problem, the Ultra-Heavy gets the attention of Cai Cheung - especially when his passenger is introduced: Julian Tifflor. He will testify in the trial at Dannoer's request.

Attilar Leccore reveals the secret of his ancestry to Cai Cheung when the Atope wishes to speak to Gucky. Leccore takes on the shape of the mousebeaver and collects as many samples as he can in the Happy Betty, especially from the Glivtor, a mysterious "walking stick" that Dannoer always carries with him. Dannoer in turn convinces himself that "Gucky" no longer possesses any para-gifts. Leccore tries to perceive the Atope as a Koda Aratier does when he wants to copy another being. He does not quite succeed, but he memorizes Dannoer's ÜBSEF constant. His memory will be recalled later by means of the SEMT-helmet to make it visible. Sichu Dorksteiger thinks Dannoer is just some kind of action body for another being whose personality is hidden in the Glivtor.

The trial begins and ends on September 20th in the absence of the accused. According to Terran understanding of the law, the process is a farce, because the verdict has been established for a long time already. Tifflor says ARCHETIMs CRADLE had allowed him to see the World Fire (the main charge point) with his own eyes. He could not recognize the origin of the Ekpyrosis, because the Sol system in the epoch of pre- Ekpyrosis is clouded by a haze generated by the psi-corpse. Tifflor says TAFALLA is not involved. The guilt is rather that of Rhodan and some others. Dannoer listens to a few panelists, then announces his already made decision. Rhodan and Bostich are sentenced to five hundred years of deprivation of mobility and authority to be served on a world of the Atopic Tribunal.

After the verdict Dannoer speaks with the two convicts. Through clever conversation Rhodan brings the Judge to reveal important information. So it becomes clear that the Atopic people themselves do not know what Rhodan and Bostich did - or rather will do - to trigger the Ekpyrosis. For Rhodan, it is clear that the Atopic Tribunal has by no means invaded the Milky Way on moral grounds, but out of pure self-preservation: the Ekpyrosis would threaten the existence of the Atopes. Rhodan also assumes that the Atopes need a replacement for their own transport system and therefore have their hands extended to reach out for the Polyport network.

Before the 232-COLPCOR leaves the Sol system on September 23rd, Rhodan is allowed to say goodbye to Farye Sepheroa, who has come to Terra with the KRUSENSTERN. She should look after his apartment in Terrania. Dannoer gives a farewell speech. The Milky Way should be demilitarized. All occupied worlds will be returned to the aborigines according to the Atopic Ordo. The fleets of Onryones should provide for internal and external security of the galaxy. With the help of OTHERWISE, Sichu Dorksteiger exposes Dannoer's holo image as a fake. In truth, the Atope looks like he is near death.

Gucky is led by Attilar Leccore to the 106th floor of the TLS Tower. Toio Zindher is there in a medicated coma. As a Para-thief, Gucky could take her ability of vital telepathy, killing her at the same time...

My goodness, quite an ending for the section. It will be interesting to see how Perry and Bostich get out of this mess. We finally got some small clues to the background of our villains and Gucky faces a big decision - murder an enemy or take the high road. It's a shame it will be a good while before we come back to them. So much is going on. What comes next?

2725 The Price of Justice

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Nr. 2725
Price of Justice
Preis der Gerechtigkeit
by Christian Montilion

Gador Athinas brings Schechter to Tefor. There they hide out in a monastery inhabited by Tefrods, who in the past have been tortured by Vetris-Molaud's techno-scorpions, who have not survived without mental or physical damage and therefore have joined forces with the Resistance. Gador Athinas and Schechter are visited by the Squire, the leader of the resistance movement, whose face nobody knows. Gador-Athinas has already informed Schechter, who used to work as a contract killer, what to expect from him. Now Schechter names the price for the murder of Vetris-Molauds: the cell activator should be left to him. Squire agrees.

The assassination should take place on October 12, 1514 NGE. On this day, Vetris-Molaud wants to publicly receive the cell activator in an official state affair. Vetris-Molaud's intelligence chief Oc Shozdor has already identified several possible sources of danger. Some traitorous officers have joined together in the Norec Group. The Perpetual Siblinga and the Republican Circle are also just waiting for an opportunity to strike. Oc Shozdor does not yet know that all these groups are only pawn victims of the Squire and will serve as a distraction. But Uvan-Kollemy, Shozdor's best secret agent has already picked up Schechter's trail, when Schecter kills an innocent person by accident, but does not properly dispose of the body.

The appearance of the Tomopat is surgically altered by Cout-Iver, the Chief Medic of the Tamanian Healing House Amshor (who is simultaneously a leading strategist of the Resistance). Schechter receives two normal arm implants and a face change. Schechter asks Gador Athinas to get him a mental dilatation helmet. The dealer AC Blumencron has such a Brass helmet setup in stock. Schechter simulates the assassination with it on October 5th. The plan is for Schechter to assume the identity of a Taman militia officer and to approach the Tamaron during the state affair. Blues invited as guests to the ceremony should be infected with drugs that drive them insane and cause confusion. Bombs hidden in Schechter's artificial arms are designed to bring down Vetris-Molaud's energy shield. The plan goes catastrophically wrong in the simulation. Schechter decides to change it…

Well, this issue certainly had a slow start, but it definitely picked up speed by the end. It's the first half of a two part story and I'm looking forward to it. I'd be surprised if the final attack works though. There is too much story potential for that.

2726 Dance of Death

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Dance of Death
by Christian Montillon

In preparation of the attack on Vetris-Molaud, Schechter observes the Tefroder Boocor Vazur, the Norec Group hired assassin. Both have the same goal. Schechter rescues Boocor Vazur from security forces and tricks him into working for him. Schechter does not suspect that Uvan-Kollemy has picked up his trail and is getting closer to him. When Uvan-Kollemy questions the Tefroders of the monastery where Schechter and Gador-Athinas had hid earlier, he is seen through by the Abbot. The Abbot blows up the monastery, but first sends the young nun Khaika to the Tamanian Healing Arts Center Amshor to warn the resisters. But Uvan-Kollemy survives the explosion and follows Khaika's glider.

Schechter takes the place of a war veteran, who is to be present at the celebrations on October 12, 1514 NGE and is therefore very close to the Tamaron as Boocor Vazur strikes. The man does not act alone: Tamanian Defense Minister Laolo Cewici is implicated in the conspiracy. His people control one of the three battlecruisers who are supposed to secure the terrain from above. The ship bombards Vetris-Molaud's energy shield and drops bombs. Vetris-Molaud and his pregnant companion Amyon Kial, who was supposed to have handed over the cell activator to him, are badly wounded. But then the security forces gain the upper hand. Schechter expected that and stayed quiet. He fakes being badly wounded and is taken to the THAC Amshor with Vetris-Molaud. Vetris-Molaud is operated there by his bodyguards, the techno-scorpions.

While Schechter works on striking the final blow to Vetris-Molaud, it is clear that Propaganda Minister Ashya Thosso is also one of the conspirators. She tries to weaken the position of the Tamaron. With the support of the cell activator, Vetris-Molaud survives his injuries. Amyon Kial can also be rescued, but her unborn child is dead. Schechter gets close to the Tamaron, but is shot by Uvan-Kollemy, who has put together everything and made the right conclusions. Lan Meota teleports Vetris-Molaud to safety. The techno scorpions finish killing Schecter. Gador Athinas and Khaika take refuge in AC Blumencron's ship the FRANCESCO DATINI after they have destroyed all the traces that could lead to them.

Despite the mourning for the dead child, Vetris-Molaud emerges strengthened from the whole affair. The conspirators uncovered in the highest positions are publicly executed. Oc Shozdor places the cell activator on the Tamaron. The ancient double galaxy symbol of the Masters of the Island is projected as a gigantic hologram above him. Then Oc Shozdor addresses Vetris-Molaud with his new title: Maghan…

Whew! That was quite an ending for this section. A shame that Schecter failed, but Vetris does provide a new long term problem for Perry, once he finally gets loose again. This issue had plenty of action to keep me interested and I really enjoyed it.

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