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I don't know if its OK to create a topic here, but i just wathed Yamato 2199 (excelent quality remake of the StarBlazers/Patrulha Estelar anime) episode 15 and, man, I felt like I was wathcing some initial PR volumes, with the struggle against the arconides and springers...

Well, basically if you didn't watch que original Uchuu Senkan Yamato / Star Blazers / Patrulha Estelar series in the eighties, this anime tells the story of the future Earth, 2199 a.D., when an alien race started to use meteors to wipe-out humanity, forcing the population to hide underground in gigantic cities.

When Yamato starts over, the energy and food reserves will last only a year and they find the rests of the Yamato (a powerfull japanese battleship of WW II) and turn it into a space ship (hey, its an anime) and flight to a distant planet where they could find help, while fighting the invaders, blue skinned humanoids called gamilons (or garmillans, I don't know for sure due to translation) who had depleted their planet resourses and intended to migrate to Earth and started to hunt down the Yamato.

From my point os view (as a brasilian fan) yamato was to animes as Perry Rhodan was to sci-fi books.

Well, in 2010 rumors started about a remade series and I was just fearing it was just another ugly and twisted remake as the New Thundercats ou sci-fi movies remade for the new (and stupid) audiences, but it was a huge surprise watching the episodes and seeing it was the best remake (not only for an anime, but movie, cartoon ou whatever) I have ever seen.

Yamato 2199 was more than faithful to Uchuu Senkan Yamato, it took away old flaws and actualized the better parts, dinamics and all and is not only an anime to old fans, but to everyone who likes good plot, good animation and, to my shame, epic space battles beyond anything you could see in star wars. Man, Im 'thrilled with epidose 15, that starts with the gamilon (ou garmillan) fleet dealing with a rebelion in a conquered planet in a very nazi way (remembers the Lidice episode in WW II) and later on, in a battle of several gamilon ships that neraly destroyed the Yamato (I like to see when the heroes' ship is not invincible and left it in ruins.

Man, I cant wait to watch episode 16, but couldan't continue without recomending this anime. The best I've seen in several years.
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