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Re: Synopsis by jerry

Verfasst: 23. August 2019, 11:45
von nanograinger
Dear Jerry,

it is always nice to read your concise summaries of the "old" novels. If there ever will be an English version of the Perrypedia of these novels, your summaries would be a good starting point.

I don't want to spoil the coming surprises for you, so I just give you one advice: Brace for impact. The next three novels fully fit to your exclamation "Holy end of status quo!"

Best, Matthias

Re: Synopsis by jerry

Verfasst: 30. August 2019, 00:52
von jerrys109
Thanks Matthias,
I only wish I had seen your note before I had finished translating 2722! :lol: Oh well, now I am waiting with bated breath for what happens in the next two issues.

Thanks for the note of appreciation. It's good to know people are still reading these things. It's so hard to know if anyone is. :P


2722 Altin Magara

Verfasst: 30. August 2019, 00:57
von jerrys109
Nr. 2722
Altin Magara
by Michael Marcus Thurner

Bostich receives asylum on Terra. With the approval of the Solar Premier he remains under Ronald Tekener's care. The USO maintains several safe houses on the Earth. Bostich selects the shelter in Istanbul. Shortly after their arrival, the reason for this quick decision becomes clear: There are Tu-Ra-Cel agents on the ground. Bostich calls in the Celista Caraner, with whom Tekener will have to work well or otherwise. The Emperor without his empire feels imprisoned and would like nothing better than fighting the occupiers of Arkon from the Terra system by organizing a resistance movement. Bostich could secretly leave the safe house if necessary but prefers to play with Tekener for the right to do it.

To keep at least part of the control, the Smiler lets Bostich win the chess game (the Arkonide is superior to the Terran in Garrabo anyway), but secretly follows him into a hammam. He arrives just in time to thwart an assassination attempt by the Tefroder Mutant Corps. Zindher Toio had succeeded in following Bostich’s vital energy trail. Satafar then collected more information and killed his involuntary informants. During the shootings in the bathhouse, some Tu-Ra-Cel agents and the Tefroder Trelast-Pevor are killed. The latter was shot by Tekener.

The now no longer safe house must be abandoned. There is a secret Celistas base in Altin Magara, part of the Tarabya district, but Bostich is still being tracked down by Toio. This time Satafar presses the agent Aydin Esendemir to get to Tekener and Bostich. While combat drones provide a distraction and a jammer becomes active, Lan Meota teleports Toio inside the hiding place. Satafar approaches Tekener to avenge Trelast-Pevor's death. Bostich attacks Toio with a Dagor fighting technique, but the Tefroder woman is at least as good at melee. Tekener is severely wounded by Satafar, but pulls himself together one last time.

It is September 15, 1514 NGE, 6:00 PM Istanbul local time. In Terrania Perry Rhodan sees in the Trivid how the image of a spiral galaxy spreads over the city on the Bosphorus. The carrier of a cell activator chip has died, but who is it?


Woo hoo! Someone died! What a blast of an issue. Thurner really knows how to ramp up the tension. The immortal corps took a sensitive hit, but we still don't know with 100% certainty which one it was. I can't wait to see Gucky in action next issue, after being out of action for so long. It will be interesting to see how his new powers continue to manifest. No matter what, an angry mousebeaver is nothing to sneeze at. I can't wait!

2723 Only Sixty-two Hours

Verfasst: 2. September 2019, 23:29
von jerrys109
No. 2723
Only Sixty-two Hours
Nur 62 Stunden
by Michael Marcus Thurner

Cai Cheung receives a packet containing a cell activator chip, some organic material that proves to be from Bostich, and a message stating that it is Bostich's chip, which was removed at 19:00 local time in Istanbul. Perry Rhodan is invited to surrender to the Atopical Tribunal within the known sixty-two hour deadline. Only then will the life of the Arkonide be saved. Rhodan quickly made his decision. He will stand before the Atopic Court if Bostich is not recovered before then - but not unprepared.

Having mourned appropriately for Ronald Tekener (whose savaged corpse is later recovered), Rhodan uses the time left to develop a strategy. He meets with the TLS chief Attilar Leccore who he casually confronts with the fact that he is in the picture about his true identity: Leccore is a descendant of a Coda Aratier – a shapeshifter from the Terminal Column TRAITOR! Leccore does not deny this. Since he has proven to be a loyal friend and valuable collaborator, Rhodan will keep his secret. Leccore is now to find a way for how Rhodan can always be detected if he is taken by the Atopes.

Leccore hands over Bostich's cell activator chip to Sichu Dorksteiger. Although the LFT chief scientist has scruples about experimenting with the valuable object, she eventually envelops it with a nanoactive layer of special hypercrystals, which are only activated when the wearer of the chip changes into a higher-level continuum, for example, into hyperlight flight. Rhodan receives an injection, but the substance is a placebo. In truth, it is not he who can be followed from now on, but Bostich - but he would have to get the life-prolonging device back first. He is still in the hands of the kidnappers.

With his new para-abilities, Gucky tracks down the three remaining agents of the Tefrodish Mutant Corps in Istanbul. He works with Caraner to take them down. In the storming of the Tefroder hiding place, Toio Zindher is seriously injured. She falls into the hands of the Terrans and is treated by Zheobitt's son Zhardang, but is not able to talk. Bostich is not in the hiding place. Lan Meota had teleported with Satafarin to safety. The Terran agents still believe Satafar is a child hostage of Meota’s. It is only through the analysis of records accidentally made by a promotional robot on the day of Tekener's death that it becomes clear what the "kid" really is.

Pucky takes up the trail of the escaped assassins. With his weak telekinetic powers, he cannot stop Satafar and is hurt himself. Thus, the hunt is over. Now Rhodan has no choice. Four hours before the deadline, he declares publicly that he will face the Atopic Tribunal. Matan Addaru Dannoer promptly appears with his spaceship 232-COLPCOR which is hidden behind a distortion field and requires inlet into the Sol system. Rhodan agrees to letting it land on Terra. There, Dannoer proclaims, the trial should take place. Satafar and Lan Meota reveal Bostich's hideout and accompany the Atope’s aide in his ship. Bostich is close to death, but after re-implantation of the cell activator, he recovers quickly. Together, Rhodan and Bostich decide not to make it easy for the Atopic Tribunal to put them on trial...

Things are looking pretty bleak right now. Tekener is dead and two of his murderers have gotten away. Perry and Bostich are in the hands of the Atopic Tribunal. Whatever will they do? This was yet another well written, taut chapter in the cycle and I can't wait to finish off the next issue.

2724 Contemporary Witnesses of the Future

Verfasst: 8. September 2019, 02:38
von jerrys109
Nr. 2724
Contemporary Witnesses of the Future
Zeitzeuge der Zukunft
by Wim Vandemaan

As soon as Matan Addaru Dannoer leaves the 232-COLPCOR standing on the Goshun Space Port, he is attacked. The action was approved by Arun Joschannan, although Perry Rhodan opposed it. Miniaturized autonomous weapon systems bring the ultrahard ground covering of the spaceport to a boil, but not a feather on the Atope’s head is even bent. Small globules fall to the ground around him, slowly dissolving. As it turns out in a later analysis, Dannoer can take ray shots as well as projectiles along with their kinetic energy and convert them into matter projections. He calls these beads transcrements.

Dannoer passes over the incident without comment. Panelists and a courtroom are needed for the trial of Cardinal Fractors Rhodan and Bostich. For the latter, the choice of the Judge falls on the Happy Betty, a dubious establishment in Happy Town, which he remodels as he sees fit, lining it with a variant of the Luna known techno-mesh. All sorts of Terrans should act as panelists, not only people of all ages, but also naturalized aliens, intelligence-optimized animals, intelligent robots and Futugens - the simulated consciousness of a not yet born person.

For Cai Cheung, the whole thing looks like a ridiculous farce, but it is bitterly serious. When Dannoer asks for permission to investigate Sol and the corpse of TAFALLA with the Space Father ZAATRO, Cheung refuses. It is decided a referendum should decide on this request. The fact that 51.01 percent of the Terrans will approve Dannoer's request is unimaginable for Cheung at this time, nor can they foresee that Dannoer will manipulate the voters in his favor via Trivid paramechanical forces. As if Cheung did not have enough to worry about, one thousand eight hundred Arkonide combat ships appear under the command of the ambitious Mascant Getray da Quertamagin at the edge of the crystal screen: Bostich's elite troops! Arun Joschannan asks Cheung to tolerate the presence of the Arkonides.

In the meantime, Rhodan and Bostich, who are being held captive in the 232-COLPCOR, are being led by their guardian guard Angakkuq through the spaceship. The nonhumanoid being willingly provides information on how the ship works and some background to the trial: there is a third, currently mysterious Cardinal Fractor that Angakkuq calls Adaurest, and GA-yomaad is just another name for the Milky Way!

On September 19, 1514 NGE, the tender LORETTA-56 registers the arrival of the one hundred thirty-five meter cylinder ship GAUPELLAR GUZDRIN. Its commander is an Ultra-Heavy, who calls himself as a Commodore Fenckenzer. When the cylinder ship penetrates the crystal screen without any problem, the Ultra-Heavy gets the attention of Cai Cheung - especially when his passenger is introduced: Julian Tifflor. He will testify in the trial at Dannoer's request.

Attilar Leccore reveals the secret of his ancestry to Cai Cheung when the Atope wishes to speak to Gucky. Leccore takes on the shape of the mousebeaver and collects as many samples as he can in the Happy Betty, especially from the Glivtor, a mysterious "walking stick" that Dannoer always carries with him. Dannoer in turn convinces himself that "Gucky" no longer possesses any para-gifts. Leccore tries to perceive the Atope as a Koda Aratier does when he wants to copy another being. He does not quite succeed, but he memorizes Dannoer's ÜBSEF constant. His memory will be recalled later by means of the SEMT-helmet to make it visible. Sichu Dorksteiger thinks Dannoer is just some kind of action body for another being whose personality is hidden in the Glivtor.

The trial begins and ends on September 20th in the absence of the accused. According to Terran understanding of the law, the process is a farce, because the verdict has been established for a long time already. Tifflor says ARCHETIMs CRADLE had allowed him to see the World Fire (the main charge point) with his own eyes. He could not recognize the origin of the Ekpyrosis, because the Sol system in the epoch of pre- Ekpyrosis is clouded by a haze generated by the psi-corpse. Tifflor says TAFALLA is not involved. The guilt is rather that of Rhodan and some others. Dannoer listens to a few panelists, then announces his already made decision. Rhodan and Bostich are sentenced to five hundred years of deprivation of mobility and authority to be served on a world of the Atopic Tribunal.

After the verdict Dannoer speaks with the two convicts. Through clever conversation Rhodan brings the Judge to reveal important information. So it becomes clear that the Atopic people themselves do not know what Rhodan and Bostich did - or rather will do - to trigger the Ekpyrosis. For Rhodan, it is clear that the Atopic Tribunal has by no means invaded the Milky Way on moral grounds, but out of pure self-preservation: the Ekpyrosis would threaten the existence of the Atopes. Rhodan also assumes that the Atopes need a replacement for their own transport system and therefore have their hands extended to reach out for the Polyport network.

Before the 232-COLPCOR leaves the Sol system on September 23rd, Rhodan is allowed to say goodbye to Farye Sepheroa, who has come to Terra with the KRUSENSTERN. She should look after his apartment in Terrania. Dannoer gives a farewell speech. The Milky Way should be demilitarized. All occupied worlds will be returned to the aborigines according to the Atopic Ordo. The fleets of Onryones should provide for internal and external security of the galaxy. With the help of OTHERWISE, Sichu Dorksteiger exposes Dannoer's holo image as a fake. In truth, the Atope looks like he is near death.

Gucky is led by Attilar Leccore to the 106th floor of the TLS Tower. Toio Zindher is there in a medicated coma. As a Para-thief, Gucky could take her ability of vital telepathy, killing her at the same time...

My goodness, quite an ending for the section. It will be interesting to see how Perry and Bostich get out of this mess. We finally got some small clues to the background of our villains and Gucky faces a big decision - murder an enemy or take the high road. It's a shame it will be a good while before we come back to them. So much is going on. What comes next?

2725 The Price of Justice

Verfasst: 14. September 2019, 01:00
von jerrys109
Nr. 2725
Price of Justice
Preis der Gerechtigkeit
by Christian Montilion

Gador Athinas brings Schechter to Tefor. There they hide out in a monastery inhabited by Tefrods, who in the past have been tortured by Vetris-Molaud's techno-scorpions, who have not survived without mental or physical damage and therefore have joined forces with the Resistance. Gador Athinas and Schechter are visited by the Squire, the leader of the resistance movement, whose face nobody knows. Gador-Athinas has already informed Schechter, who used to work as a contract killer, what to expect from him. Now Schechter names the price for the murder of Vetris-Molauds: the cell activator should be left to him. Squire agrees.

The assassination should take place on October 12, 1514 NGE. On this day, Vetris-Molaud wants to publicly receive the cell activator in an official state affair. Vetris-Molaud's intelligence chief Oc Shozdor has already identified several possible sources of danger. Some traitorous officers have joined together in the Norec Group. The Perpetual Siblinga and the Republican Circle are also just waiting for an opportunity to strike. Oc Shozdor does not yet know that all these groups are only pawn victims of the Squire and will serve as a distraction. But Uvan-Kollemy, Shozdor's best secret agent has already picked up Schechter's trail, when Schecter kills an innocent person by accident, but does not properly dispose of the body.

The appearance of the Tomopat is surgically altered by Cout-Iver, the Chief Medic of the Tamanian Healing House Amshor (who is simultaneously a leading strategist of the Resistance). Schechter receives two normal arm implants and a face change. Schechter asks Gador Athinas to get him a mental dilatation helmet. The dealer AC Blumencron has such a Brass helmet setup in stock. Schechter simulates the assassination with it on October 5th. The plan is for Schechter to assume the identity of a Taman militia officer and to approach the Tamaron during the state affair. Blues invited as guests to the ceremony should be infected with drugs that drive them insane and cause confusion. Bombs hidden in Schechter's artificial arms are designed to bring down Vetris-Molaud's energy shield. The plan goes catastrophically wrong in the simulation. Schechter decides to change it…

Well, this issue certainly had a slow start, but it definitely picked up speed by the end. It's the first half of a two part story and I'm looking forward to it. I'd be surprised if the final attack works though. There is too much story potential for that.

2726 Dance of Death

Verfasst: 19. September 2019, 03:12
von jerrys109
Dance of Death
by Christian Montillon

In preparation of the attack on Vetris-Molaud, Schechter observes the Tefroder Boocor Vazur, the Norec Group hired assassin. Both have the same goal. Schechter rescues Boocor Vazur from security forces and tricks him into working for him. Schechter does not suspect that Uvan-Kollemy has picked up his trail and is getting closer to him. When Uvan-Kollemy questions the Tefroders of the monastery where Schechter and Gador-Athinas had hid earlier, he is seen through by the Abbot. The Abbot blows up the monastery, but first sends the young nun Khaika to the Tamanian Healing Arts Center Amshor to warn the resisters. But Uvan-Kollemy survives the explosion and follows Khaika's glider.

Schechter takes the place of a war veteran, who is to be present at the celebrations on October 12, 1514 NGE and is therefore very close to the Tamaron as Boocor Vazur strikes. The man does not act alone: Tamanian Defense Minister Laolo Cewici is implicated in the conspiracy. His people control one of the three battlecruisers who are supposed to secure the terrain from above. The ship bombards Vetris-Molaud's energy shield and drops bombs. Vetris-Molaud and his pregnant companion Amyon Kial, who was supposed to have handed over the cell activator to him, are badly wounded. But then the security forces gain the upper hand. Schechter expected that and stayed quiet. He fakes being badly wounded and is taken to the THAC Amshor with Vetris-Molaud. Vetris-Molaud is operated there by his bodyguards, the techno-scorpions.

While Schechter works on striking the final blow to Vetris-Molaud, it is clear that Propaganda Minister Ashya Thosso is also one of the conspirators. She tries to weaken the position of the Tamaron. With the support of the cell activator, Vetris-Molaud survives his injuries. Amyon Kial can also be rescued, but her unborn child is dead. Schechter gets close to the Tamaron, but is shot by Uvan-Kollemy, who has put together everything and made the right conclusions. Lan Meota teleports Vetris-Molaud to safety. The techno scorpions finish killing Schecter. Gador Athinas and Khaika take refuge in AC Blumencron's ship the FRANCESCO DATINI after they have destroyed all the traces that could lead to them.

Despite the mourning for the dead child, Vetris-Molaud emerges strengthened from the whole affair. The conspirators uncovered in the highest positions are publicly executed. Oc Shozdor places the cell activator on the Tamaron. The ancient double galaxy symbol of the Masters of the Island is projected as a gigantic hologram above him. Then Oc Shozdor addresses Vetris-Molaud with his new title: Maghan…

Whew! That was quite an ending for this section. A shame that Schecter failed, but Vetris does provide a new long term problem for Perry, once he finally gets loose again. This issue had plenty of action to keep me interested and I really enjoyed it.

2727 In the Gravo-Abyss

Verfasst: 23. September 2019, 23:53
von jerrys109
Nr. 2727
In the Gravo-Abyss
Am Gravo-Abgrund
von Michelle Stern

When the transpositor network is activated for the first time, causing Luna to disappear from Earth orbit serious moonquakes occur as a result of gravo-phenomena. Lunarians and Onryones are in danger and buildings are damaged. YLA explains to the Resistance that Luna is on a hyper-indifference track. The moon, as it were, is rolling through a level of the superordinate continuum in which linear and hyperspace mix indistinguishably. The reason for the gravo- phenomena is the energy production of the transpositor network. Gravitation and Hyperbaria are processed in the Techno-mesh in an unknown way. The slightest inaccuracies have deadly effects - and the transposition of Luna was only the first of many "moves" to transport the moon to its new destination.

In view of the catastrophe caused by the Onryones, the Lunar Resident Antonin Sipiera turns against Chancellor Fheyrbasd Hannacoy for the first time. He is promptly replaced by the Jaj Leza Vlyoth, who asserted in a public rally in Sipiera's form that the LFT considered Luna a threat and had been preparing the destruction of the moon. For that reason, the moon has been moved to another location. Luna should now be used to secure peace in the Milky Way.

YLA and Fionn Kemeny are developing a plan to thwart this. NATHAN and the Synaptic Priory he is connected to, are steered by the Genifer Aytosh Woytrom. Woytrom is irreplaceable because of his abilities. Shanda Sarmotte and Toufec are supposed to kidnap him from Iacalla. At the same time, YLA will connect several of Luna's gravo-projectors to create a super-heavy and ever-changing gravitational field that will irritate the Synaptic Priory and interfere with hyperbaric energy production.

Shanda Sarmotte and Toufec penetrate into Aytosh Woytrom's rooms, which are entirely made of techno-weave - this place might even be one of the germ cells of the techno-network. The Genifer controls the techno-weave perfectly, using it as a weapon to bring the two people into severe distress. Only with Pazuzu's help do they manage to escape, but their plan is not able to be accomplished. The use of the Gravo Irritator, however, is successful. Luna crashes back into normal space. The cheering of the Resistance is short-lived.

Another transposition is triggered. This time, the Gravo-phenomena lead to terrible destruction in Luna-City and Iacalla. The Gravo Irritator is deactivated, but Luna makes several uncontrolled jumps and eventually rematerializes one hundred million kilometers away from four neutron stars that form an artificially created constellation. From the Toloeste, Fheyrbasd Hannacoy learns that an unknown third power has intervened. Luna is located within a hyperphysically bubbling plasma cloud and is protected from deadly radiation only by the Repulsor Wall. One of the neutron stars inexorably attracts the moon.

In this situation, Fheyrbasd Hannacoy turns by a Holo-speech to all residents of Luna - even to the resisters. Luna is located on a Gravo-Abyss. All the lunar residents must work together to save their homeland…

I enjoyed Michelle Stern's debut issue. She has a good grip on the characters and really keeps the ball rolling here.

2728 The Gravo-Architects

Verfasst: 28. September 2019, 20:53
von jerrys109
After discussing the pros and cons of working with the Onryones, Pri Sipiera, Shanda Sarmotte, Toufec, Fionn Kemeny, and other resistance members meet with Chancellor Fheyrbasd Hannacoy, the Toloceste With the Gamma Flash, and other occupying forces. Only Antonin Sipiera is not there - after all, Leza Vlyoth cannot risk that the telepath Shanda learns the truth, about the fact that he has taken on the form of Pri’s father. Pri does not notice the deception in a private meeting with her supposed father. The Onryones have tried in vain to send a spaceship through the Repulsor Wall. It was destroyed immediately. Gravo-phenomena have wreaked havoc on Luna before the structural gap in the Wall could be closed again. IN the end, it is determined that the star quartet is about twenty million years old, and that Luna is being subjected to the Gravo-phenomenon of a time dilation.

Since it is clear that the constellation of four neutron stars (Toufec baptizes them with the name Dhalaam, after the Arabic word for darkness) cannot be of natural origin, and the only prospect of rescue is a call for help to the unknown Gravo-Architects of this constellation. For this purpose, a tiny probe is to be created from tt-progenitors and Pazuzu's nanogents to which a mental copy of Toufec can be imprinted. Shanda might be able to make telepathic contact with this artificially created consciousness shard as the probe nears the neutron star Dhalaam Delta, which is inexorably attracting Luna and will soon destroy it. The production of the Gravo-Diver Probe will start immediately.

Pri’s bodyguard Raphal Shilo is brought by his friend, the eccentric Coco-interpreter Mathieu Cort, on a strange, but somehow plausible sounding idea. Cort says the Gravo-Abyss is just a deception of the Onryones. They want to use this to bring Toufec or rather his nanogent swarm into their power. This must be prevented at all costs. Since Pri is also suspicious, she agrees that a cage transmitter is to be set up as an escape route at the launch observation post.

The experiment succeeds. The Gravo-Diver discovers a crystalline structure on Dhalaam Delta. This must be the control center from which the stars are kept stable. The shard of consciousness serves Shanda as a kind of relay. In this way she can make mental contact with Kustos, an artificial life form like the Greek letter Chi (X in English), which serves as a custodian. It is not interested in the fate of the Lunar people as it assumes that they belong to the Empire of Rebels who are enemies of the Old Star Lands in the Milky Way – which is actually the Southside. Shanda argues in vain, especially since she has no idea what the custodian is talking about.

Shilo suddenly attacks. He tries to kidnap Toufec, he thinks to safety. Bonthonner Khelay, military commander-in-chief of the Onryones, has been observing Shilo and in turn attacks him or the cage transmitter. A part of the transmitter explodes. Shanda is mortally wounded by a small piece of debris and needs to be treated immediately. When she is reasonably well again, she again makes mental contact with Kustos. In fact, the contact was never completely broken off. Kustos had experienced everything. It is impressed by Shanda's will to live and realizes that the Empire of Rebels has long passed. He receives permission from his masters to rescue Luna. The moon is placed in a stable orbit.

Now they can start the repair work on the cities and the transpositor network. This will take some time. YLA implies that she or NATHAN was the third force responsible for moving Luna to the Gravo-Abyss. In this way time was gained, and for the time being the Repulsor Wall is now impassable in both directions.
After a week of rest, Shanda has mostly recovered. Toufec asks her to scan Pazuzu because he will not respond to Toufec. The nano-djinn does not appear when Toufec calls him and the man is worried for Pazuzu. Shanda begins to esperte and learns that Pazuzu still carries Toufec's mental copy, despite the fact that Kustos had said that he could not be returned to them. Pazuzu is now a thinking, sentient being...

Oh boy, what a conclusion! I can't wait till we get back and see what develops with Pazuzu. Considering that the moon is still circling the star quartet, maybe we'll still get more with Kustos. So much political intrigue is going on and I'm having a blast. In the meanwhile, we seem to be going back to Gucky next issue. It's so nice to have him off the sidelines again. :>

On a side note, I've noticed that the International forum seem to have died, except for me. Has another section opened up that I just haven't noticed? :>

2729 Into a New Era

Verfasst: 3. Oktober 2019, 21:48
von jerrys109
No. 2729
Into a New Era
In eine neue Ära
by Marc A. Herren

A new era has dawned for the peoples of the Milky Way since the conviction of Perry Rhodan and Bostich and the promulgation of the Atopic Ordo, but not everyone knows what the invasion of the Atopes and their aiding peoples really means. After a brief visit to the Solar Premier Cai Cheung, with whom he discusses the current situation, Arun Joschannan makes a quick visit to the Ertruser and Siganese populated planet Zaltertepe. There Joschannan, his deputy Otieno Portella and Monkey, Lord Admiral of the USO, meet on October 4, 1514 NGE with representatives of the Free Ertrus Federation. Paior Gasparan, president of the SFOE, and his fleet chief Tont Kytubashe no longer want to tolerate the presence of Onryones in the Ertruser home system. For their planned offensive they need support from the LFT and USO. This is assured by Joschannan and Monkey. The Cheborparner, Uldormuhecze Foelybeczt (UFo), the new Chairman of the Galacticum, subsequently blesses Monkey's decision. Foscer Ghuttcuyr, the Onryone commander of the Space Father stationed at the Kreit system, is being called on to withdraw by October 30th. The ultimatum is hailed above all by the Terrans. That was exactly the intention of the Ertruser. They hope that all Milky Way peoples will follow their lead and rise against the occupiers.

In the meantime, Cheung meets in the construction site of Neo-Ganymede with Homer G. Adams. He needs her approval for the construction of a privately financed spaceship "for special uses." The main money donor will be Viccor Bughassidow. The ZbV ship is to be equipped with a Hypertrans Progressor, so that intergalactic flights would be possible. Since Fionn Kemeny is missing with Luna, Sichu Dorksteiger is to be involved in the project. The Solar Premier agrees and proposes Jawna Togoya as project manager. Since the destruction of the JULES VERNE the Posbi woman has been a guest in the Solar House and waiting for new challenges. Soon after, Cheung grants approximately twenty-three thousand exiled Arkonides asylum on Terra. Led by Chorest da Ragnaari, they found a colony on the Azores island of Terceira, renamed New Atlantis.

The search for Perry Rhodan and Bostich begins shortly after the removal of the two Fractors. With the GALBRAITH DEIGHTON V recalled from the Ghatamyz system, Colonel Anna Patoman follows the "breadcrumb trail" left by the manipulated cell activator in Bostich. On board are Gucky and Orest Athapilly, the director of TIPI. Together, they work on the Tefroder mutant Toio Zindher, to get her to use her Para-gift to track them. The effects of cell activators, work like beacons, but she refuses to help in the search for Rhodan and Bostich. While Pucky follows a hard line approach, Athapilly slowly gains Zindher's confidence. As Gucky realizes, this is not just because Athapilly is attracted to the beautiful Tefroder woman. He is an Emoter, which means that he can manipulate the feelings of others. So it comes towards the end of October - the DEIGHTON is in the void on the edge of the Southside, because no more cell activator impulses were captured - to a night of love between Athapilly and Zindher. She reveals to him that she's found the cell activator just 1.5 light-years away. But then she realizes that Athapilly is manipulating her. She attacks and badly wounds him before she can be paralyzed. Athapilly is not critically injured.

As the DEIGHTON nears the location in question near the cosmic beacon Hyperon-Gal-South, an Onryonian ship is observed, suddenly disappearing as if it had flown through a kind of veil. This hyper-energy veil resembles a Paros shadow screen and is called a Paratron Camouflage veil ( Pa-Cam Veil ). It is clear that it is a hiding place of the Onryones here and that the Fractors have been brought there. The DEIGHTON penetrates the veil but is almost discovered and must flee. Inside the hiding place are more than ten thousand Onryone ships, some of which have docked to each other. Most likely, this is just one of many bases of the Atopic Tribunal. The search for Rhodan and Bostich must be stopped for the time being. The DEIGHTON returns to the Sol system.

Ghuttcuyr lets pass the ultimatum of the Ertrusers. So on October 30 and 31 it comes to the battle for the Kreit system. The nearly four thousand unit FEF fleet is no longer just up against Ghuttcuyr's two hundred forty pack of spacecraft; the Onryones receive reinforcement by two thousand four hundred ships. Therefore, Monkey intervenes with the ultra-carrier vessel TRAJAN and another three hundred eleven USO combat ships. The LFT fleet, divided into four groups of five thousand ships, is waiting for the moment. It sets in motion only when twenty-ne thousand three hundred sixty Onryone ships materialize in four waves. Even at this balance of power, the outcome of the battle is uncertain, but suddenly eight thousand Onryone ships appear directly in the trajectory of each of the four Terran associations. A debacle is looming, and Ghuttcuyr threatens to destroy the planet Ertrus if only one LFT ship intervenes. In this situation, Gasparan offers the Onryones the capitulation of the SFOE and calls on the LFT fleet to retreat. Kytubashe refuses surrender and goes under with his flagship Tears of Ertrus. Even the TRAJAN is destroyed, but it was previously evacuated; only Monkey had to be removed by force from the ship. Only four hundred FEF ships and one hundred USO units survived the battle.

Shekval Genneryc then asks the Galacticum to officially investigate the incident. Otherwise, the Galacticum will have to be regarded as an enemy power. UFo convenes a personal commission after approval of the Council but takes his time about it. Joschannan testifies before the commission. In his opinion, a state of war prevails between the LFT and the Atopic Tribunal. On December 31, the Galacticum declares the Ertruser's ultimatum and USO's intervention lawful. Genneryc counters by declaring the USO a terrorist organization and banning it. The USO possessions on Tahun will be confiscated. UFo makes a government statement. He will not submit to the Onryones - unlike the Ertrusers. In a conversation with Ghuttcuyr and Tesqiren Pecqay, Gasparan submits to prevent further bloodshed. Pecqay welcomes this and says that Ertrus may be one of the first worlds to receive the Ordic Stele.

Plenty of action and tension to be had here. Gucky has not turned into an intentional murderer yet and plenty is going on with the occupation. Now they're adding a new turn with this Ordic Stele. Let's see what happens...

Re: Synopsis by jerry

Verfasst: 3. Oktober 2019, 22:11
von dgmckenzie
On a side note, I've noticed that the International forum seem to have died, except for me. Has another section opened up that I just haven't noticed? :>
That's the problem with no new English material.
It's getting that long that the people who read it in English are dying off :(

Re: Synopsis by jerry

Verfasst: 4. Oktober 2019, 18:59
von M13
Hi Jerry,
still reading your synopsis with great joy!
Keep on going. :st:

Currently I'm following along this Atop cycle in its German original; just a couple of issues ahead.
Around installment 2760. Have to pause that for a while now and hope that I can join you in a couple of month.
That would allow for a more deeper conversation on all topics.

The cycle will get even more complex in its course.


Re: Synopsis by jerry

Verfasst: 7. Oktober 2019, 02:48
von jerrys109
Hi guys,
Well, I'm in my upper 50's, so I'm far from dead. At least I hope so. :unschuldig: :D

As you see, I finish an issue in about a week, so I have about six to seven months till I reach 2760. :D


2730 The Venus Team

Verfasst: 7. Oktober 2019, 02:53
von jerrys109
Nr. 2730
The Venus Team
Das Venus-Team
by Oliver Fröhlich

Major Bruce Cattai, a descendant of Aborigines (an Aranda), who as a result of his infallible "gut feeling" is called an Intuitionist, is team leader of a team of elite space landing soldiers of the TLS. His comrades are Sergeant Tacitus Drake (an Oxtorner), Swoon Benner, Sergeant Patrick St. John and Lieutenant Baucis Fender. In January 1515 NGE they receive the order from Attilar Leccore, to go to Venus, where he meets them. He and they are going to the nearby Huo-LaFayn Clinic to infiltrate the parked and quarantined supposed Linguide spaceship GATOIR BUTINNY. It is believed that the owner is by no means a Linguide named Yoanu Quont, but the Jaj Leza Vlyoth, and that the spaceship is the XYANGO. It is also assumed that Vlyoth left the ship months ago due to a suspicious holo conversation and intercepted energy signatures suggesting the use of a transmitter.

Since Leccore is also a shapeshifter, he succeeds in deceiving the on-board computer WISTER. He enters the ship with five "prisoners" - the Venus Team - and pretends to press the oncoming Terran security forces with these hostages. Drake is "shot" as the first hostage, surviving as planned due to his Oxtornian compact constitution and a drug he consumed. He revives and is then secretly active, freeing the other prisoners. However, WISTER cannot be hacked and is decentralized on top of that. Leccore and the members of the Venus team must use all their various skills to at least disable the central node of WISTER. Cattai is right again with his gut feeling. He shows Leccore the central node, so that it can be destroyed. Before that, however, the computer triggers the self-destruction of the XYANGO. Only one hundred fifty-eight components can be secured before the explosion, some of them even undamaged.

In the first weeks of January, the Techno-Mahdi in Terrania makes speeches. Farye Sepheroa, who moved in with her dodo Oxford at Perry Rhodan's house # 746 Upper West Garnaru Road, is joined and befriended by Gucky. They watch unusual ant activity on the house facade. The animals, unusually active for the season, leave a bioluminescent secretion, which forms the phrase "Technology is salvation." The same sentence appears in the same way on countless buildings throughout the city. It is deermined that the ants were genetically engineered. The writing is difficult to remove, and on January 10, more words appear below them: "First Technomahdian Tenet". The sect of the Techno-Mahdi, who never physically appears, is getting more and more popular. Allegedly, the Techno-Mahdi pursues the goal that through technology mankind can be freed from the burden of life, to find a new life, free from manipulation by superintelligences and their agents - agents like Bostich and Perry Rhodan. On November 30, Farye Sepheroa and Gucky go to the ever-growing city of New Atlantis. In the meantime, not only Arkonides live there, but also Topsiders and Ferrones. Suddenly a heavy thunderstorm comes up. Lightning forms another Techno-Mahdi tenet: "Knowledge is salvation."

In the months following the annihilation of the XYANGO, a research team led by Sichu Dorksteiger and Professor Wesserhaven (a multidisciplinary genius) explores the salvaged remains. Dorksteiger has had to stop her attempts to develop protection against the Onryonic linear space torpedoes without success. The acquired third-party technology, which also includes data storage, offers a new approach. The data is, however, well secured. One storage unit after another destroys itself as soon as the researchers reach trigger security layers. The team is eventually reinforced and led by Arkonides under the leadership of Caraner and the Tu-Ra-Cel scientist Matrinar. Leccore adds a man from the TLS, Clermont Bricio. In October, data can be extracted for the first time. In addition to maintenance logs, researchers pull the names and coordinates of three prison planet of the Atopic Tribunal in the Milky Way: Gorgesd, Onuper and Bootasha. All three are dark worlds.

Thus, the KRUSENSTERN practically offers itself for the search for Perry Rhodan and Bostich. The ship is modernized by the LFT and manned with elite troops. Jawna Togoya is the new commander. Icho Tolot and Avan Tacrol also board. Gucky arrives shortly before departure and brings Toio Zindher with him. Farye Sepheroa and Oxford, who did not like either Perry Rhodan's house nor New Atlantis, also return to the KRUSENSTERN.


Between having Gucky around and the TLS undercover mission, I had a blast this issue! Sadly, the fact it takes place over a whole year tells me that we'll eventually get a good stretch without Gucky at some point, while the other characters are catching up in time. that makes me very sad. (cue tears) :P

I look forward to more issues by Oliver Fröhlich. He really knows how to keep things rolling.

Re: 2730 The Venus Team

Verfasst: 8. Oktober 2019, 10:15
von nanograinger
jerrys109 hat geschrieben:...
Between having Gucky around and the TLS undercover mission, I had a blast this issue! Sadly, the fact it takes place over a whole year tells me that we'll eventually get a good stretch without Gucky at some point, while the other characters are catching up in time. that makes me very sad. (cue tears) :P
No need for tears B-)
jerrys109 hat geschrieben:...
I look forward to more issues by Oliver Fröhlich. He really knows how to keep things rolling.
Yes, Michelle Stern and Oliver Fröhlich were high quality additions to the author team at this time. And while Oliver is less frequent with his contributions, Michelle has developed into one of the most prolific authors of the team as of now.

Re: Synopsis by jerry

Verfasst: 13. Oktober 2019, 17:51
von jerrys109
New blood among the writers is usually a good idea. And I wouldn't want to ignore the editing team, which keeps everything in line. It really does take a village to create a series. :D

2731 Prison Worlds

Verfasst: 13. Oktober 2019, 17:56
von jerrys109
Nr. 2731
Prison Worlds
by Michael Marcus Thurner

The KRUSENSTERN is flying to the Onryone prison worlds looking for Perry Rhodan and Bostich. They reach Gorgesd in the Murloth Nebula on March 3, 1516 NGE. The dark planet is largely being rebuilt by the Onryons. A cluster of at least ten thousand Onryone ships orbits the world. For his best friend, Gucky does not shy away from putting pressure on Toio Zindher because the Tefroder woman stubbornly refuses to voluntarily use her para-gift. Zindher receives no Vital impulses from cell activator bearers there. Rhodan and Bostich are not on the planet. Jawna Togoya follows her Posbi intuition and sets Bootasha as the next target. Here the construction work is already far advanced. Three clusters of four thousand, four thousand five hundred and six thousand spaceships, predominantly Space Fathers, guard the planet. And this time, Zindher picks up on the pulse characteristic of Rhodan and Bostich - but they are getting weaker, as if the cell activators are burning out!

Time is pressing, and an attack is out of the question. That's why the Haluters go into action. The sloop BRUSSILOW II is sacrificed for this purpose. The Posbi Narmal approaches Bootasha with it and lets himself be shot down. Protected by a new hard foam of USO production Icho Tolot, Avan Tacrol and some Posbis (their plasma portions for safety reasons are left behind in the KRUSENSTERN) fall down to the planet’s surface, camouflaged as pieces of debris. It is still a stressful test for even the structurally changed giants from Halut and does not end without injuries. Tolot must also call to order the somewhat impetuous younger Haluter. Tacrol obeys because he sees an Ohmak in Tolot - a paternal mentor that he must obey. Tolot is not sure if he's ready to play this role for Tacrol.

In the meantime, Viccor Bughassidow informs himself in the KRUSENSTERN about the current galacto-political situation. Except for the Transgenetic Alliance and the Vritham, all the formerly independent Tefroder states were incorporated into the New Tamanium. The new Minister of Due Diligence Baios Corm is diligently engaged in propaganda. He announces that Tefor has been shortlisted among the planets, where in 1519 NGE a Galactic conference scheduled by Matan Addaru Dannoer will take place to discuss the implementation of the Atopic Ordo. The Crystal Palace was relocated to Zalit. The Arkonide Vice- Imperator Tormanac da Hozarius announces a reorganization of the empire to make the Arkonides stronger. There will be some major and some coordinating worlds, but no central world anymore. Above all, there will be no mingling with alien races.

On Bootasha, the Posbis put together a transmitter through which Gucky comes to the dark world. The environment is explored. On the planet there are some Onryone cities, but the prison cells are located in the planet's interior. They are called penance hermitages and are only accessible with Voycrandes. These lithosphere divers literally drill through the planet's crust and are guided by special pilots. Gucky locates an Onryone named Soroloyn Tevvcer, who is the penitent warden for Rhodan and Bostich. The man is abducted by Tolot, then drugged and made docile. Rhodan’s penenace hermitage is the first one they go to. There is no time for Bostich's liberation, as pursuers are soon on the trail of the lithosphere diver andswiftly approaching. However, the penance hermitage is empty - the Haluters only retrieve an at least three months old imitation cell activator made from tt-progenitors.

By transmitter, Gucky and his companions return to the KRUSENSTERN. Tevvcer is taken with them. He is appalled by the prisoner's escape and assumes that a fellow inmate has served as a helper in this. Pucky reads Tevvcer's thoughts. He learns that the escape helper comes from a distant galaxy, and that he probably took Rhodan (as well as probably Bostich) there as well.

I understand the need for treadmill issues, where nothing actually gets accomplished, but it's frustrating. At least Thurner keeps things moving so that you feel like something is happening, even if there really is not. And as I thought, next issue we go back in time to see what was us with Perry in the year that passed last issue.

2732 The Hetork Tesser

Verfasst: 19. Oktober 2019, 02:50
von jerrys109
Nr. 2732
The Hetork Tesser
Der Hetork Tesser
von Uwe Anton

Perry Rhodan awakens without any sense of time in a strangely familiar environment - too familiar, for everything seems to have been taken directly from his memories. Rhodan is located in a house surrounded by meadows and random trees, set up in the style of the fifties of the 20th century old calendar. From freshly starched linens to canned Campbell soups in the pantry, everything is exactly as Rhodan knew it from his childhood, and everything is completely real. This also applies to the lion in the garden. Rhodan can only go about fifty meters from the house, then every step becomes heavier, and at some point the lion attacks to make it clear that this is the final step he can go. Rhodan receives a paw strike over the chest on his first and last trip, from which he retains some scars. The top floor of the house is initially not accessible to Rhodan.

Rhodan has no doubt that this is the place where he is supposed to serve the five hundred years of imprisonment imposed by the Atopic Tribunal. Entertainment is provided. There's a gym with a pool, a library and a black and white TV. In the library, however, only novels up till the publication year 1971 are found, and the television only stores films and series which were shown until 1971. Rhodan therefore must do without Dallas, but he can watch the original Star Trek. So one day after another goes by with the same routine. Rhodan keeps fit, watches TV and reads. Fresh linen and new supplies appear as if by magic, and the garbage disappears by itself. It is always summer. Clocks are not available throughout the house. Only by changing from "day" to "night" can Rhodan approximately estimate the duration of his stay in this strange environment.

After a few days, the ancient rotary phone rings. Soroloyn Tevvcer, who serves as penitent warden for Rhodan and Bostich is on the other end. A meeting is agreed on. It takes place upstairs, for which a door opens only on such occasions. Since the prison is embedded in the planetary crust it is not so easy to reach. Rhodan speaks in the hall divided by an energy screen, which occupies the entire upper floor, with a holo-projection of the Onryone. This is referred to as an Imago contact, and Tevvcer makes it clear to Rhodan that the term of imprisonment should not simply be served off. Rhodan should understand that he has to pay for the Ecpyrosis of GA-yomaad, which he can now not cause. Rhodan is not ready for this. Instead, he tries to find out more about his jailer in the following weeks, because the man seems to be filled with deep-seated grief. Tevvcer suggests one day that he lost everything in the so-called Kaydrin incident, but immediately withdraws when Rhodan addresses him, and then does not return for a long time.

Instead, a certain Neacue calls, claiming he can help Rhodan escape. Neacue is one of many Benetah who were stranded on Bootasha thousands of years ago with the spaceship PA NAEL. The Benetah have some amazing skills. Among other things, they are telepaths, are able to manipulate the memories of intelligent beings, and can stretch along the veins of PEW-like metal that traverses the entire planet. Neacue visits Rhodan personally. He comes in the form of a thread through the phone and then takes the form of a human head. The Benetah are pleasure-seeking beings and Rhodan promises Neacue a lot of fun. Rhodan learns that the Onryones have been active on Bootasha for about three hundred years and that there is a prisoner who is about to flee the prison world.

Neacue brings Rhodan together via imago contact with the other prisoner. Rhodan faces a Laren named Avestry-Pasik, who has been on Bootasha for twenty years for a crime he has not yet committed. Larhatoon was occupied by the Atopic Tribunal some time ago. There is a resistance movement (the Proto-Hetostes), of which Avestry-Pasik might be the leader. A Laen robot fleet has been flying to Bootasha for years and will arrive soon to distract them with an attack. The Benetah have communicated with the Larens and intend to get Avestry-Pasik in an Onryone ship by means of a Vae transmitter. For the Larens, Rhodan is the hated Hetork Tesser - the Destroyer of the Seven - but he still has to work with the Terran, because Neacue wants it that way, and Rhodan uses his reputation as a villain to put the Laren under pressure. At Rhodan's request Bostich is included in the planning. On top of this, Neacue wants to accompany the refugees. The Benetah captivates Tevvcer by promising him to take away the memories of the Kaydrin incident from the Onryone. Thus, the Benetah gets hold of tt-progenitors, which can be used to produce imitation cell activators, allowing the Fractors to the escape notice immediately. Neacue also ensures that Tevvcer will not try to talk to Rhodan, Bostich and Avestry-Pasik in the near future.

When the Larens attack, the Benetahs bring out the three refugees through the Vae capillaries from the penance hermitages. At first, everything runs according to plan, but the crash of a Laren ship damages the Vae capillaries. Some Benetahs die during the passage and Bostich loses his right arm. The refugees find themselves in the Onryone Space Father GYUDOON again. Rhodan must, however, bury his hope of returning to galactic events. The GYUDOON is on the way to a research planet of the Atopic Tribunal, on which the Vae metal is to be examined. This planet is located in Avestry-Pasik’s twenty million light-years distant home galaxy. And in Larhatoon nobody is happy when talking about the Hetork Tesser ...


There is no telling yet, how long Perry and Bostich are on the prison world, but I don't think it covers the whole year that the last issue took. It served as an information dump, but I suppose we need it since the Laren haven't been seen in a while. This was a serviceable issue, but I wouldn't call it exciting.

I had one question about the issue itself. If Rhodan was never going to meet Soroloyn Tevvcer physically, but only as a hologram, then why was the force field needed? It wasn't like Rhodan could attack it.

Re: 2732 The Hetork Tesser

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von nanograinger
jerrys109 hat geschrieben:
19. Oktober 2019, 02:50
Nr. 2732
The Hetork Tesser
Der Hetork Tesser
von Uwe Anton
I had one question about the issue itself. If Rhodan was never going to meet Soroloyn Tevvcer physically, but only as a hologram, then why was the force field needed? It wasn't like Rhodan could attack it.
It is long ago that I read this issue, so I can not tell for sure. But maybe the force field was supposed to protect the installations of the upper floor from manipulation by Rhodan?

Re: 2732 The Hetork Tesser

Verfasst: 24. Oktober 2019, 03:14
von jerrys109
Hmm.. That is definitely a possibility.


nanograinger hat geschrieben:
21. Oktober 2019, 17:58
jerrys109 hat geschrieben:
19. Oktober 2019, 02:50
Nr. 2732
The Hetork Tesser
Der Hetork Tesser
von Uwe Anton
I had one question about the issue itself. If Rhodan was never going to meet Soroloyn Tevvcer physically, but only as a hologram, then why was the force field needed? It wasn't like Rhodan could attack it.
It is long ago that I read this issue, so I can not tell for sure. But maybe the force field was supposed to protect the installations of the upper floor from manipulation by Rhodan?

2733 Echo of the Apocalypse

Verfasst: 24. Oktober 2019, 03:18
von jerrys109
Item No. 2733
Echo of the Apocalypse
Echo der Apokalypse
by Michael Nagula

The GYUDOON begins to travel through a transmitter station route consisting of five star portals, heading to Larhatoon. Bostich is not able to act because of his serious injury. Avestry-Pasik repeatedly struggles with himself in the storeroom in which the container with Vae-metal is stored, which the stowaways use as a hiding place. The Proto-Hetostes did a good job. Avestry-Pasik can count on countless tiny drones that can be used as spy probes and can also be used as masks. They wrap around their wearer and makes one believe in seeing a different appearance. Perry Rhodan re-uses his reputation as Hetork Tesser to impress Avestry-Pasik. He wants to work with the Laren to fight the Atopic Tribunal, as the proto-Hetostes, apparently commanded by Avestry-Pasik, could be valuable allies.

After Avestry-Pasik activates the drones, he and Rhodan can get an idea of the conditions in the GYUDOON. Disguised as Onryones, they leave the cargo hold. The Space Father has now reached the star portal AIKKAUD. It is a special one in the transmitter line, because it is not controlled by the Onryones, but by the Aiunkko; three-foot-tall and massive creatures with white, spongy skin, a bald skull and a black eye, who charge all incoming ships - including the GYUDOON - on AIKKAUD tolls to continue. Three customs officers comb through the entire ship and seemingly indiscriminately take with them all sorts of objects, which is tolerated by the Onryones. Rhodan and Avestry-Pasik follow the customs officers. The Terran helps to resolve an explosive situation when one of the three Aiunkkos wants to confiscate a Pyzhurg statue.

As a result, Rhodan gets in touch with the customs officer Galdkaut, whom he later meets in a dodgy establishment in the star portal. He learns that the Aiunkko originally came from the galaxy Lajaspyanda, home of the Greikos. Before, in the epoch of darkness, they had to suffer under the Larens that had hit all sectors of the galaxy with the Gravo-compressor. Under the Laren a fratricidal war had broken out, and migrations of various races were the consequence. Only by the intervention of the Atopic Tribunal had peace returned. Since then the Aiunkko have lived in exile on AIKKAUD and are still suffering from the old trauma. When the drug Splinter they can develop a kind of collective consciousness. With the help of the duties they levy they want to rise to new size someday. At the moment, despite the freedom they enjoy in AIKKAUD, they are still slaves. Rhodan learns that the transmitter route, now administered by the Tolocestes, once belonged to different peoples, but was taken over by the Onryones and consists of much more than the five main portals.

Rhodan now wants to try to send a radio message to the Milky Way. Galdkaut, now influenced by Neacue, leads Rhodan to the Onryone Passtar Loccolur, who is employed in the central sphere of the stargate. He is a "business partner" Galdkaut’s. Rhodan dishes up a wild story for Loccolur and gets the access code for the control center, but then has to realize with horror that the GYUDOON has flown off. In the central office Rhodan disables the security forces with Dagor battle tricks. Suddenly Loccolur appears and shoots Galdkaut dead. Rhodan beats Loccolur unconscious. He can now finally program some probes with a message and send them to the Milky Way. Then three more Onryones. It comes to a shootout. Rhodan kills two of the adversaries, but then the third reveals himself as Avestry-Pasik. The other two were camouflaged proto-Hetostes. Avestry-Pasik had feared that Rhodan would deliver him to the Onryones, and followed him, especially since he needed him for the resistance fight in Larhatoon. Together they now call back the GYUDOON. Neacue takes care of the eyewitnesses of the incident. Then the journey continues. The destination is the research planet Volterhagen in the Larendomain.

My goodness. That was quite a little adventurous pit stop. Perry is digging his way deeper and deeper into a hole. I can't wait to see what happens next. And it will written by Uwe Anton, one of my favorites.

2734 The Forest and the Girl

Verfasst: 29. Oktober 2019, 23:45
von jerrys109
Nr. 2734
The Forest and the Girl
Der Wald und das Mädchen
by Uwe Anton

As the GYUDOON approaches the planet Volterhagen, Avestry-Pasik causes explosions that severely damage the ship so it must make an emergency landing. The Laren attacks Perry Rhodan. He knocks his adversary unconscious with a Vae-metal cube and flees with Bostich and Neacue onto the planet. Rhodan does not know Volterhagen from personal experience, but he knows that the Laren cities were not previously covered with techno-mesh as they are now, and that they must be somewhere near the Narotaak research center. The path they find leads through a forest full of aggressive creatures, the poison of which the men do not fall victim to only thanks to their cell activators. In the forest, Rhodan and Bostich meet the Laren Than-Deneec. The girl need not be afraid of anything because she is protected by Yuuper, an animal (a Yazad) with three eye stalks and six extremities, which can make its body invulnerable through structural transformation. Rhodan and Bostich pretend to be Shetorners because this Laren branch race is relatively human-like. Than-Deneec takes them to her home, which is located in Narotaak. She has medical equipment to restore Bostich's arm. This process takes several days. Rhodan has to give Than-Deneec some truth, because the medical exam of Bostich reveals that he is not a Shetorner. Since Than-Deneec is her own mistress and furthermore does not speak well of the Onryonian occupiers of Larhatoon, she continues to help her guests.

Rhodan uses the time to learn more about his benefactress and the current circumstances in Larhatoon. Than-Deneec's job is to look after the Yazads. Nobody else is suitable for this task, because the Yazads are mixed creatures from the genome of a Volterhagen animal and an extraterrestrial being that was found there - and Than-Deneec herself carries this alien DNA in herself. She is not a child, but several hundred years old. Rhodan realizes that the Larens must have found Icho Tolot's dead child on Volterhagen and made use of its corpse for their experiments! Larhatoon is divided into four domains (and numerous subdomains): those of the Onryons, the Laren and the Lucbarni, of which Rhodan has never heard before. Shyoricc, the fourth domain in the galactic center, is considered a restricted zone. Rumor has it that the Atopes live there. All races must stay in their respective domain. Rhodan later learns that the Toloceste are throttling the range of all spaceships for this purpose. The First Hetran of the Laren domain is Koonepher-Trest. He resides on the government world Anphalar.

After Bostich's arm is regrown, their journey continues into the city of Elesen-Canash. Than-Deneec has provided her guests with perfect Shetorner masks and money. The Galactics book a trip on the spaceship BLOSSTER-CYV, which will soon be flying to Shetor. During the wait, Rhodan meets with the Laren Voruder-Paac, the commander of the HOPTCHER-VOIC. Voruder-Paac works with the Onryone historian Gesspyr Hocctosser. The two are looking for Larhat, the legendary origin world of the Larens. Rhodan is interested in the historian's theories, assuming that Larhatoon and the Milky Way were not coincidentally attacked by the Atopic Tribunal at about the same time - and that the Milky Way was no longer selected by accident as the target of the Council of Seven. Through his knowledge of the the Council time 1500 years ago, Rhodan wins Voruder-Paac’s attention. The Laren asks Rhodan if he wants to accompany the expedition. Rhodan must refuse, because Bostich is against it.

Pester-Kord, a researcher with connections to the Proto-Hetostes, has received a profile of Rhodan and Bostich from these people. He manages to follow their trail to Elesen-Canash. As a result, Rhodan and Bostich are attacked in their cabin in the BLOSSTER-CYV by Proto-Hetostes. But the beam shots ineffectively bounce off Bostich’s new arm. Than-Deneec used Haluter DNA for the reconstruction and Bostich can do structural hardening of the arm when he concentrates. The Proto-Hetostes are knocked out, but a trip with the BLOSSTER-CYV is no longer an option. It launches without the alleged Shetorners. The ship is a Face-ship. Its surface takes on the features of a Laren face when it launches. While it takes off, some huge buildings of the city, which also bear faces, turn to it. This is a strange ritual whose purpose Rhodan does not yet know. He and Bostich then accept Voruder-Paac's offer. The immediate destination of the HOPTCHER-VOIC is the Counterfactual Museum on Axxallia-Annor...

Uwe Anton provides a fun romp, as always. He supplies a good mix of action and history, although the main plot is not significantly moved forward. My only problem is that I expected something more from Than-Deneec. Considering her age and her profession, I would have thought she would have figured out more about her visitors. Oh well, it is what it is. B-)

2735 The Contrafactual Museum

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Nr. 2735
The Contrafactual Museum
Das Kontrafaktische Museum
von Leo Lukas

Perry Rhodan and Bostich, still considered to be Shetorners in their masks, make the journey to the Counterfactual Museum on Axxallia-Annor with the HOPTCHER-VOIC. Every Laren undertakes this pilgrimage at least once, because every time you visit the museum you receive social credit points, without which you cannot climb up to higher positions. The two Galactics finally win the confidence of Commander Voruder-Paac as they warn him of an impending attack on the Proto-Hetostes they learned of from Neacue. The target of their attack is the Radius Inductor, a variant of techno-mesh that covers the superluminal converter and other technical facilities of each Laren spaceship. The inductor braid ensures that the total range of the ships is reduced to ten thousand light-years and the length of a hyperlight stage is reduced to one hundred light-years. This is called the Ordian Radius. Bostich ends the terrorists' attack by striking the skull of its leader Krywen-Vaarden with his new Haluter arm. All this catches the attention of the traveling Onryonian historian Gesspyr Hocctosser, who becomes interested in the supposed Shetorners.

The Counterfactual Museum consists of several gigantic complexes. Whoever wants to enter it, must wear a Neuro-Skaphander. This cumbersome suit lets its wearer relive events from the five hundred-year-old Epoch of Darkening. They become mentally merged with the memories of Amtyphar-Tae, a Larian scientist from the team of the ingenious hyperphysicist Bassaron-Taak, who had at that time managed to develop a unique hyperlight drive: the Bassaron tractor. In honor of the inventor, all spaceships equipped with it have been showing Bassaron-Taak's face since then - they are known as Face-ships. The military had seized Bassaron-Taak's research and made a weapon of it. This so-called Gravo-compressor was christened the Bassaron Catapult. This allowed balls of hyperenergy to be thrown into the center of an enemy object, resulting in hyperspace rips that caused extremely strong gravitational effects. So not only spaceships could be destroyed in one fell swoop, but also entire planets and even suns. The new project leader Puyar-Keotost had started a relationship with Amtyphar-Tae, but he dropped her as soon as the catapult was finished, and her cooperation was no longer required.

In order to prevent the Larens from repressing their brother peoples with the catapult, Amtyphar-Tae had made the design plans publicly available. But that was the beginning of terrible wars. As the first of many planets, the paradisiacal water world Laccbogon had fallen victim to the Gravo-Compressor. Refugee streams had poured into the neighboring galaxies. Then there had been an increase in strong hyperstorms – announcing the increase in hyperimpedance. Everywhere in Larhatoon, suns had inexplicably started turning into black holes or pulsars. In 1331 NGE, the year of the hyper shock, a Tryortan gullet had been shot at with a heavy Bassaron catapult. This created a new entity that destroyed suns and multiplied itself as it jumped back through the galaxy and through time. This Star Hammer was the ultimate Hetork Tesser. Larhatoon had become a single black hole within a few years. The same fate threatened the neighboring galaxies.

This ends the story. It is shown throughout the Counterfactual Museum and is what would have befallen the universe without the intervention of the Atopic Tribunal. Judge Saeqaer appeared in Larhatoon at that time and brought peace. None of the events following the annihilation of Laccbogon, which have been told in the story, have really occurred. No visitor to the museum can resist the moving impression left by this story, not even Perry Rhodan. He also received important information from it. Something was mentioned in the story, which is obviously very important for the Laresn: the Vectorion. There may be a connection with the First Hetran and Larhat, the origin world of the Larens. The main director of the museum, Greiko Baudencerc, might know more about this.

This issue gives an interesting justification for the Atopic Tribunal, but also an argument against it. They keep interfering in the timestream to stop bad things from happening. But by stopping one bad thing from happening, it just causes some other bad thing to happen. So there can be no end to their meddling. An interesting thought, no?

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Nr. 2735
The Contrafactual Museum
Das Kontrafaktische Museum
von Leo Lukas

This issue gives an interesting justification for the Atopic Tribunal, but also an argument against it. They keep interfering in the timestream to stop bad things from happening. But by stopping one bad thing from happening, it just causes some other bad thing to happen. So there can be no end to their meddling. An interesting thought, no?
This is indeed an interesting question. In the case of Larhatoon it is fairly obvious that the Atopic Tribunal stopped a catastrophic development from happening. They claim the same for the milky way. But whereas in Larhatoon the catastrophe after the invention of the Gravo-Compressor and the destruction of Laccbogon was imminent, there is no such clear path to disaster in the milky way: the claimed Ekpyrosis might be hundreds years away and the AT does not even know the true origin of it (at least they do not reveal it if they do know).

As for "no end in meddling": It will become more and more clear that the AT can not do just anything. For example, it is already hard to believe that the escape of Perry, Bostich and Avestry-Pasik is part of a grand plan of somebody foreseeing each aspect of the future. The AT with all their might do have limits.

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Hi Nanograinger,
That's good to know. I really am enjoying this cycle. It's passing fast.