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2682 Battle of the Anomaly

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Battle of the Anomaly
Schlacht an der Anomalie
by Michael Marcus Thurner

Alaska Saedelaere receives a call from TANEDRAR. The superintelligence is directly threatened. The mask bearer is to come to the scene of the battle in the Redondo system. He sets off on the way immediately with the World ship. The damaged SHEYAR remains behind to be repaired.

Guard Lieutenant Pridon is a prisoner of the Unharmonious influenced by QIN SHI in the KROURE. Carmydea Yukk has completely changed and knows only one goal: to serve QIN SHI. She threatens Pridon with torture to wrest strategic information from him, but he remains steadfast. Carmydea plays a cruel game with him, allowing him to flee with a rescue pod. She then shuts down the power supply of the capsule by remote control so that Pridon must suffocate.

The BASIS spherical cells and some Terran ships are in anomaly. Raphael announces that the anomaly will soon collapse. That would be the end of the small spaceship association. The Terrans do not mean anything to Raphael, but when Perry Rhodan points out that even the Suit of the Universes is at risk, Raphael agrees to protect the ships with the Multiversum Ocular. Little by little the invasion fleet and the World Scourge leave the anomaly. Last of all, QIN SHI leaves.

Meanwhile, QIN SHI could not have chosen a better time to invade Escalian because the Rite of Departure is approaching. Every Escalianer equipped with a splinter of TANEDRAR suffers from the separation of the super-intelligence. Their ability to act is limited by grief and suffering. Craton Yukk, commander of the Escalian fleet, is among those affected. It even comes to incidents with the deployment of his fleet by the anomaly in the offshore cluster Caunard. The anomaly swells and engulfs some ships. Hostile cone spaceships and huge crystals, from which the Dosanthi generated panic radiation emanates, come from the anomaly. Craton's fleet suffers heavy losses. As it looks as if the page can be turned again in favor of the Escalianers, TAFALLA’s departure ruins everything. The spaceship crews collapse completely. With his last strength Craton can prevail against the Positronic of his flagship, which has seized the naval command and wants to fight until complete annihilation against the invaders. Craton orders the retreat, as thousands of Escalian cylinder ships suddenly appear - unexpected reinforcement?

Craton's joy at the alleged reinforcement turns into horror as the ships attack. These are manned by the Unharmonious manipulated by QIN SHI. Then QIN SHI emerges from the anomaly which then shrinks. Craton loses consciousness…


Whew! There is some vicious stuff going on at this point. QUIN SHI is now playing for keeps and not wasting any time. Everyone in approaching one location and the threads should start coming together again. We are definitely approaching the cycle climax.

I can't wait to see what happens in the last few issues. I figure another month and I'll hit the final nine.

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2683 Galaxy in Chaos

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Nr. 2683
Galaxy in Chaos
Galaxis im Chaos
by Uwe Anton

The Multiversum Ocular, Ennerhahl's light cell, the MIKRU-JON and the remaining sloops from the BASIS leave the anomaly. At about the same time, the World Ship reaches the Redondo system. The battle between the Realm of Harmony and of the Unharmonious supported superintelligence QIN SHI is decided. Craton Yukk’s decimated fleet flees. QIN SHI incorporates the entity SIL. Perry Rhodan and his people end up between the fronts, because protecting the Multiversum Ocular has top priority for Raphael; the spherical cells leave with an emergency transition, without waiting for the other ships not yet ready to fly. After overcoming the discomfort caused to him by the Rite of Departure, Alaska Saedelaere rushes to help the Terran units. The World Ship filled with Cosmoratic technology holds the opposing battle spaceships in check so long until the Terrans and the light cell have enough speed for the change to superluminal flight.

At the agreed rendezvous point Perry Rhodan and Alaska Saedelaere exchange information. QIN SHI still does not have complete control over the galaxy Escalian, because in the decentralized administrative structure of the empire there is no major governance world that could be conquered by the superintelligence. It is believed that Chancellor Melwai Vedikk will be the next target of QIN SHI. To protect him, the Terrans need the help of Craton Yukk. The Fleet Commander is contacted, but first he has to overcome the shock of defeat and distrust of strangers who are not equipped with a splinter of TANEDRAR. In the meantime, it becomes clear that QIN SHI’s troops are in the sub- galaxy Dranat. The World Scourge depopulates one planet at a time, and the enemy superintelligence is obviously heading for Sholoubwa's control world.

Xylthen landing troops have already boarded the Chancellor’s flying palace. Ennerhahl destroys more than half of a small fleet that besieges Melwai Vedikk's station. The rest flee. Although Perry Rhodan is not enthusiastic about Ennerhahl's uncompromising approach, success proves him right: Melwai Vedikk is saved and brought to Craton Yukk. He is currently not able to act and must recover in the infirmary. Ennerhahl flies away with the light cell because his main task is to find Delorian Rhodan. Perry Rhodan's goal is to search for QIN SHI, even though he knows that he can do nothing against the superintelligence.

On January 9, 1470 NGE, the World Ship (the MIKRU-JON and the SCREW-B stand in its hangar) flies to Control World I. On the way the Suit of the Universes, dissatisfied with its present bearer, announces that "she" is in the immediate vicinity, but cannot tell who this female is. Meanwhile, the control planet is cordoned off by twelve thousand cone ships. All QIN SHI’s crystal spheres are orbiting the plant. They are connected by energy threads with Sholoubwa's tower. QIN SHI appears and starts to mentally subjugate them. Eroin Blitzer, however, who is immune to the influence brings the World Ship into hyperspace at the last second.


I can always trust Uwe to produce an action filled issue that keeps me tightly gripped in its clutches. More threads came together and stuff is happening fast and furious. It's been so long since Perry and Alaska last met that it can't help but be fun to see. If only the SOL wasn't still missing, I'd be one really happy reader. :>

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2684 - A Pledge for the Spenta

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Ein Pfand für die Spenta
A Pledge for the Spenta
by Marc A. Herren

Chourtaird is ready to speak with the Spentas for the Terrans. The Sun Cottagers should remove the Fimbul crust and re-ignite Sol, and in return they can remove ARCHETIM’s corpse in peace. Reginald Bull, Shanda Sarmotte and the Sayporan fly into the Lichtwirt system with the 800-meter battleship LAERTES, which they reach on December 14, 1469 NGE. Colonel Prester Jellicoe, also known as the "Giraffe" because of his height of 2.20 meters, is the commander of the APOLLO class spacecraft. He accompanies Bull, Sarmotte and Chourtaird personally to the Plasma City made of Ephemeral matter, which the Spenta have built inside the sun they inhabit to make contact with other living things. People are greeted there by the maid Isgrud and squire Algamad.

At the same time, Paichander, Dean of the Academy of Logistics, is preparing for the transfer of Terra and Luna to the World Wreath system. Terra is to be positioned by Spheromorph machines and a gigantic transit parquet for the time being between Paladon and Jädvanas , the 12th and 13th planets of the system. Later Terra will be moved to take the path of the third planet. QIN SHI is supposed to depopulate the rest of the solar planets, so the people of Terra believe they 've gotten the better part of the deal. They should be content to live in the security of the World Wreath system.

Inspector Paitäcc is to perform this mission. He is in his flagship KOKOLLUN in the methane ocean of Neptune, waiting for the signal to strike. This signal is given by a small fleet of star galleons and cone space that bombard the sextadim screen and thereby generate a certain energy resonance. Paitäcc awakens from stasis conservation and convinces himself of the readiness of his force. 40,000 cone ships, each with 2000 Dosanthi under the supreme command of Chular Sairett, are hiding on Neptune. Humanity would be powerless against the panic radiation generated by them. Paitäcc only has to make sure that the permanent excitation on board the ships poses no threat to their own people.

In the Lichtwirt system, Bull and his companions make contact with the Spenta via the Great Language Grid. The energy beings are not very friendly. They suspect that the Terrans will contaminate their sun after the removal of ARCHETIM's corpse with those of other super-intelligences. Bull is prepared for this objection. He lets the Spenta read his mind and shares a memory with them that actually came from Perry Rhodan and that he had "implanted" in himself via hypnosis. It's about the first deployment of Hyperinmestrons on July 9, 2405 AD. At that time, the Andromeda sun transmitter and numerous other stars were destroyed by an anti-sun. Bull hints that the Terrans could do the same with the Lichtwirt system. The Spenta give in to his proposal. Bull, however, has to leave behind a pledge: a Terran. The choice falls on Prester Jellicoe, whose brain was irreparably damaged by mental contact with the Spenta. Bull realizes that Chourtaird took the man along on the visit for that very reason. Just before leaving, Bull learns from Isgrud that ARCHETIM is being removed from Sol at this moment.

ARCHETIM’s extraction creates an emotional tidal wave that infuses all inhabitants of the Sol system with enormous pain. This is the moment that Paitäcc has been waiting for.


My goodness. That was quite a turn of event. I'm curious to see if the series really dims the Sol system's six dimensional sparkling jewel and what consequences it brings. Next issue should be a lot of fun, what with the coming Dosanthi attack on the Earth. I'm just wondering where the receiving transit parquet for the spaceships is located. The parquet in Terrania is nowhere that big. :>

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2685 The ARCHETIM Shock

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Volume 2685
by Hubert Haensel

The ARCHETIM shock - the flooding of the Sol system with a wave of agonizing emotions due to the removal of the superintelligence’s corpse - is Paitäcc’s signal to attack. His primary objective is the destruction of the crystal balls that sustain the Sextadim veil. Tens of thousands of cone spaceships attack the few totally surprised Terrans, for vessels have approached Sol to observe ARCHETIM’s evacuation. The Terran ships are destroyed. Only Callis Varro, Commander of the heavy cruiser BAMAKO, escapes with a rescue pod that descends to Neptune's moon Triton.

Millions of Dosanthi transmit their panic impulses to the inhabitants of the Sol system and thereby stifle any resistance in the bud. Landing troops attack the inhabited outer planets and moons. On Triton, genetic designer Rya Pascoe flies an old Shift and finds Varro's escape pod. He brings the injured man to safety.

On his return to the Sol system, Reginald Bull finds chaotic conditions. An effective defense is unthinkable. Anicee Ybarri, spokeswoman for the Umbrian Council, orders Paitäcc to stop all fighting. The Sayporan obeys her. His ships even deactivate their energy screens. Negotiations are initiated on December 17, 1469 NGE.

The Spenta fulfill their part of the pact with Reginald Bull. The fimbul crust begins to be dissolved. Sol will be re-ignited. Rya Pascoe and Callis Varro decide to watch the first sunrise in months from Triton.

Reginald Bull sends ships following the Spenta. Further contingents will be sent to the bridge world. Delorian Rhodan and his Starworthy will take over the liberation of the World Wreath system from the rule of the Academy of Logistics….


This was an unsatisfying issue for me. The storylines for Rya Pasco, Callis Varro and Paitäcc come to such meaningless ends that it was annoying. And Paitäcc's story ends totally offstage and that really pissed me off. The only thing that I liked, was that they actually took away ARCHETIM's corpse! I really didn't think they would do that. As Bull pondered, I wonder if it will have an effect on humanity's evolution and place in the universe. Hopefully it will not just be forgotten. That would be a wasted potential.

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2686 Attack of the Nanowarriors

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Nr. 2686
Angriff der Nanokrieger
Attack of the Nanowarriors
von Leo Lukas

Three large Terran fleets will be sent to the World Wreath system, to the bridge world, and to the Ephemeral Gate, as these locations will determine the fate of the anomaly and thus of the Sol system. It comes to a stalemate, because the power center of the Sayporaners and the Ephemeral Gate are backed by far superior fleets of cone ships and star galleons. The planet Faland, on which the dead brain is located, cannot be approached directly because of the disturbing radiation prevailing there. Toufec and his Alliance of the Starworthy have been ordered to depose or kill Paichander to liberate the Sayporans from the rule of the Academy of Logistics. From tracking the TOLBA and records that Pazuzu made while working on Druh, Delorian Rhodan concludes that the Academy of Logistics has been relocated to the plantation world Pareezad. This planet of the World Wreath system serves the Sayporans as a "store" for body parts that they can incorporate – people from many races live there, who are mentally influenced and exploited in the truest sense of the word.

The seven thousand, five hundred and one Sol Mobile Mission Fleet arrive in the Banteira system and make a fake attack on the forces commanded by Paigaross, the Salvage Academy Inspector, to distract them and allow six six-member Starworthy teams to land unnoticed on Pareezad. Toufec's team meets Ynirt, a Gyvie spider being, who is being forced to sacrifice himself to the god Antuu because of the birth of his second child. Suddenly Toufec's companions succumb to the same hypnosuggestive influence that dominates Ynirt. Only Toufec is protected due to his particularly intimate bond with his nanogents. Two of his men kill each other and other team members (including Clara Esleve) are seriously injured by their own nanogents. Toufec barely manages to get them to safety but returns immediately to the mission so that the mission does not fail, because the other teams have also had to flee.

Toufec releases Ynirt from the suggestive commands and disguises himself as a Gyvie. Together, they reach the Pinnacle of Transfiguration, one of many black pyramids with spiral antennas at their tops, from which the suggestive impulses emanate. This pyramid is something special. A Nano-falcon posted by Toufec has discovered that in a shaft in the middle of the pyramid there is a cylindrical object that has apparently been there for only a few days. Toufec does not doubt that it is the Academy of Logistics.

On December 19, 1469 NGE Reginald Bull receives a message from Commodore Jomo Wangare, who commands the fleet dispatched to the Ephemeral Gate. There, an additional twenty thousand star galleons have appeared, flying at low speed towards the gate.


This issue was much better than I thought it be. When I began the translation, I thought it was going to be an alien history issue, but it turned out to be a rousing undercover mission with serious consequences. Leo Lukas did a really good job with the Alliance of the Starworthy. My only problem was with the names of the alien flora and fauna. I know that they are supposed to be evocative of the lifeform, but it's very tough to make sense of them.

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Re: Synopsis by jerry

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Nr. 2687
Everything Is Saved Forever
Alles gerettet auf ewig
by Wim Vandemaan

Ynirt and the Toufec, disguised as a Gyvie, are led into the Pinnacle of Transfiguration by Steward Schtaoros, a cube-shaped artificial being. An Antuu - a kind of fire serpent, beings that are considered gods by the inhabitants of Pareezad - appears and lunges at Toufec, who kills the Antuu and Shtaoros with a Nanogent sword. The two intruders can continue on their way but are attacked by Fagesys. Ynirt is badly wounded. Toufec has to leave the spider like being behind in a medical center. Toufec encounters two seemingly senile Sayporans and kills one of them because he thinks he is Paichander. The Sayporan is actually named Dhaeconost and is a seal researcher. He seems to know something about the seal that held ARCHETIM's psi-corpse in Sol. But Toufec receives no useful information from the dying being.

Although Toufec keeps on advancing, his task overtaxes his mind, and doubt about Delorian Rhodan’s righteousness awakens in him. Asked for his loyalty, Pazuzu says he'll serve Toufec, if forced to choose. Finally, Toufec gives up on the assassination mission and now just wants to try to disable the pyramid. For this purpose, he destroys the antennas standing on the top of the building. After a fight against the Antuus, he still meets Paichander. At last, Toufec realizes why he has no more obstacles in his way: Paichander intends to incorporate Toufec into his body. Pazuzu is temporarily paralyzed. Only with the help of some Antuus who Toufec has lured there and with the support of an unknown person, does Toufec end up killing Paichander, after all.

This breaks the power of the Pai. The Chour return and pick up the reins. Chourtaird and Choursterc, the new consuls of the World Wreath system, declare that the alliance with QIN SHI is over in the name of the New Sayporan Constitution. From Anicee Ybarri Reginald Bell has previously learned that Paitäcc, where appropriate, "will be on the side of the Chours". Toufec takes his leave from the Alliance of the Starworthy. He wants to return to the city of Aures. Delorian Rhodan releases him.

On December 22, 1469 NGE Delorian Rhodan gives a speech to the inhabitants of the Sol system with Reginald Bull's permission. Through a mental projection he shows them which future he has to offer them. Those who follow him will start a new life as a spiritualized being in the Neuroversum, safe from the access of superintelligences, Cosmocrats and Chaotarchs, embedded in a collective of consciousnesses and in another reality that enables the realization of all one’s dreams. Bull experiences a sample of this dream world, in which everything that their inhabitants desire is possible. There, the dead are not dead, not even Bull’s father fallen in World War II on Omaha Beach, whose grave he has never visited.

Bull and most of the other humans and extraterrestrials in the Sol system reject Delorian’s offer. More than thirty-five million people (0.31% of the total population) accept it. Together with the Reformatted teenagers, they are transported to the World Wreath system. There they find huge halls with millions of suspension beds. The emigrants are supposed to be put into hyperspace here. Their ÜBSEF constants will be hidden there to be safe from the soul-eater QIN SHI. Bull assumes that the suspension technique will also be used for the planned spiritualization. Bull receives detailed information about this technique from Chourtaird. Meanwhile, the Resident suspects that it will soon come to a final battle against QIN SHI…


It's good to finally get some kind of answer on what Delorian is up to and have plenty of action going on. I'm always happy when we come towards the end of a cycle. because the authors are allowed to speed up the story and give answers.

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2688 The Second Reality

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Nr. 2688
Die zweite Wirklichkeit
The Second Reality
By Arndt Ellmer

After barely escaping QIN SHI (who is about to depopulate an entire area of Dranat), Perry Rhodan and his friends fly with the World Ship to the planet Pean. Alaska Saedelaere and Eroin Blitzer behave strangely on the way there, as if they were subject to a foreign influence, which they themselves do not notice. Rhodan, Saedelaere, Gucky and Nemo Partijan land on the planet. Their search for the Peaners (who are Suggestors) is difficult, because they do not want to be found and lead the intruders astray with mirages. Only Saedelaere is welcome, as they had previously healed him. The Peaners bring him to them and seem to lead him into a cave. There the Terran sees large amounts of Howalgonium. Apparently there are huge hypercrystal deposits in the mountain where the cave is located.

The Peaner call themselves the "godparents" of TANEDRAR. They report how the four forcibly-spiritualized entities once came to Pean from Chanda and hid there from QIN SHI with the help of the Peaners. In a protracted process, the suggestive powers of the Peaners enabled them to stabilize and unite. The Peaners also proposed the ritual of Arrival and Departure. Pean became TANEDRAR’s anchor. QIN SHI arrived a little later and wanted to take possession of both the Howalgonium and the Peaners, but was repelled by them.

That, the Peaners make clear, would not be possible for them today. Saedelaere realizes that TANEDRAR is hiding on Pean again. The Peaners intend to reconcile the two enemy superintelligences. Saedelaere and his friends volunteer to help act as intermediaries. The mask bearer brings his friends to the cave. Partijan has back pain again and collapses in the cave. QIN SHI is approaching...

The story is moving along at high speed now. Answers are being given, history is being filled in, and the action is coming hot and heavy. All the threads are in the process of coming together and I love it!

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2689 Crystal Labyrinth

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Volume 2689
Crystal Labyrinth
by Christian Montillon

QIN SHI is getting ready to attack TANEDRAR and all the Escalians connected to the superintelligence by an Escaran. This sumptuous meal will be better than anything QIN SHI has ever eaten. If QIN SHI absorbs the entire mental energy of TANEDRAR and the contents of the minds of billions of intelligence beings, it could create something unprecedented that goes beyond the known cosmic evolution.

In the Howalgonium mine Perry Rhodan, Pucky, Alaska Saedelaere and Nemo Partijan remain unnoticed. However, they suffer from the side effects of the hypercrystals. Partijan even seems to be dying from the hyper-radiation. All four are connected to each other and to TANEDRAR through hyper-energetic strands. Rhodan and Gucky have visions of current events in Escalian, in which reality and delusions mingled in a bizarre manner. The Terran leads a hopeless fight at the side of Craton Yukk against the invaders as a replacement for the missing Chancellor Orsen Tafalla. The mousebeaver finds himself in a zoo on Pean. Later, he witnesses King Noser Netbura trying to convince the Xylthians to turn sides but fails and sacrifices himself instead.

Having failed to get QUIN SHI to give up her attack, Rhodan and Pucky wake up. Gucky believes that two parts of the quadruple entity TANEDRAR now no longer exist.


Such a cool issue. Plenty of action, with real consequences and it moves the story along at full speed. I can't wait to finish the second part of this. It'll be the beginning of the last ten issues of the cycle, so WOO WHOO!

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2690 The Fifth Act

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No. 2690
The Fifth Act
Der fünfte Akt
by Marc A. Herren

Alaska Saedelaere and Nemo Partijan are still linked to each other and to TANEDRAR through hyper-energetic strands. They experience the defensive struggle of the Empire of Harmony against QIN SHI’s invasion force, where reality and visions mingle.

Partijan meets Gommrich Dranat. The Court Jester from the Admonishing Drama personally intervenes in the space battles, but only accomplishes pinpricks against the opponent, which are bought with high losses on the Harmony side. Ultimately, the fleet of the Empire of Harmony is destroyed by a minefield laid by the Jester himself. DRANAT is devoured by QIN SHI.

Saedelaere tries to convince Princess Arden Drabbuh that the war cannot be won by battleships. She should follow the plan of the Peaners and unite with QIN SHI. On a mentally created red plain, the Princess negotiates with an avatar of the hostile superintelligence and offers him a pact. QIN SHI is completely unimpressed and begins to gnaw on the body of the Princess. She flees into a kind of fog bank, which QIN SHI is for some reason afraid to chase after her in. The red plain dissolves. The mask bearer falls into a sun through the void left behind.

Perry Rhodan and Gucky, who have already left the mental construct, assume that TANEDRAR has been defeated. The next target of QIN SHI will be the Peaners and them. Gucky asks Rhodan what they can do about it…

The action comes quick and heavy now and it had serious consequences. I'm having a blast with these issues and I cannot wait to see how it all ends.

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2691 The Howanet Man

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Nr. 2691
The Howanet Man
Der Howanetzmann
by Hubert Haensel

The destruction of Pean is imminent. Perry Rhodan, Gucky and Alaska Saedelaere flee from the Howalgonium cave. They take the unconscious Nemo Partijan with them. The Peaners give their guests protection for enough time that they can escape the downfall of the world with the SCREW-B. The cell activator bearers have to spend a few days in medo-tanks due to massive radiation poisoning. Whether Nemo Partijan will ever recover again is questionable, given the deadly hyper-radiation dose. When Rhodan awakens rom healing on January 15, 1470 NGE and finds Partijan's tank empty, he thinks the Stardust Terran has died. In truth, Partijan is alive and well and is already in the headquarters of the World Ship.

Rhodan is fed up with Partijan's secrecy and gets the truth out of him. Partijan informs them: At the age of five he was traveling with his parents in their prospector ship in the area of the sun of the Stardust system. The ship was attacked by a Howanet. It teleported into the headquarters, wraps itself around the boy, and excretes some hypercrystal shards. When the Howanet teleport away, the splinters combine at the molecular level with Partijan’s spinal cord and remain there. Not only does he periodically have back pain due to these splinters, he also gains a special affinity for hypercrystals and the ability to perceive hyperspace as a kind of landscape. On Pean, the splinters absorbed the deadly energies and rendered it harmless.

Like Alaska Saedelaere and Eroin Blitzer, Partijan was now recognized and hypno-schooled by the World Ship. He discovers a hitherto unknown legacy of Sholoubwa: A camouflage system that works in a similar way to an Antitemporal Time Field. This can shift the World Ship in time, so that it is hidden in an unstable zone and cannot be detected even by QIN SHI. Camouflaged so, the World Ship flies Sholoubwa's Control World I, because QIN SHI seems to be preparing something important there. On the 16th of January the BOTNETZ appears there. A dimensional tunnel is formed. Rhodan and Mondra Diamond assume that it will create a connection to the Sol system.

The Commander of the LUMINOSITY is watching these events from Tolmar. The hypercrystal planet is heated up until it breaks. A transfer to Control World I takes place. The cobalt blue cylinder goes there and is thus exactly where the Cosmocrats originally wanted it...

This is very much a clean up and set up issue. I found it funny how the escape from Pean felt so rushed. They could have just stuck it at the end of the previous issue. And the sections involving the LUMINOSITY come out of nowhere, but just goes to remind you that the Cosmocrats always have their fingers in the pie.

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2692 Winter's End

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Volume 2692
Winters Ende
Winter’s End
By Leo Lukas

More than thirty-five million people will be transported to the World Wreath system in early January 1470 NGE to enter the paradise promised by Delorian Rhodan. Families and friends are being torn apart, because not everyone wants to give up their physical existence and live in an unreal illusory world, however perfectly this may be designed according to the wishes of its inhabitants. The family Estmon-Winter experiences such a family drama. The Terra-Nostalgic Yugen does not trust Delorian and will soon be separated forever from his wife Rabienne, who is ready leave him and their eight year old daughter Aria to stay on Saypor to be reunited with their older Reformatted daughter Irmayi .

Yugen and Aria go with Rabienne to Saypor, hoping to change his wife’s and Irmayi’s minds. From the Imarter Letriffa Hampton, who invites him to the meeting of a support group of other Terra-Nostalgics on Saypor, he receives a thermal emitter, which he uses to try to force Irmayi to return to Terra. The desperate action catastrophically goes awry as another Reformatted tries to wrest the gun from Yugen. A shot goes off. Rabienne and Aria are critically injured by falling debris. There is only one possibility for rescue: The two must be immediately spiritualized on a suspension couch. Yugen ends up staying on Saypor. Not to lose his entire family, he will accept Delorian's offer.

Meanwhile, the reignition of Sol is being prepared. As promised, the sun will shine again on Terrania City around noon on January 11th, but at the same time the alarm is raised. Professor Ruaidhri Brszescek, the Swoon Head of Hyper-sensors at the Waringer Academy, informs Reginald Bell that the interior of the anomaly is stable now, but its outer edges show signs of disintegration. Then, at a certain point a tunnel opens to the standard universe. Bull goes personally there with the LEIF ERIKSSON IV and a mission fleet of one hundred LFT-BOXES. In the middle of the ten million kilometer wide perforation, the TOLBA appears. Delorian announces that QIN SHI will soon attack, but that Sol system is sufficiently protected by the Sextadim veil modified by him. He leaves the anomaly, saying that he has work elsewhere to take care of.

Reginald Bull does not doubt that Delorian has used this tunnel many times before to switch to the standard universe and that QIN SHI does not know about the existence of the opening. Bull's fleet flies into the tunnel, but pulls back soon, because on the other side QIN SHI has a combat fleet consisting of thousands of ships waiting. Over leftover probes, it is observed on January 13 that QIN SHI is producing his own entrance to the miniature universe. Prof. Brszescek expresses the fear that the anomaly might collapse as a result of the hyperphysical chaos associated with it ...
Holy cow! I did not expect that ending for the Winter family. It's nice to know I can still be surprised.

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2693 Mutiny on the BASIS

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No. 2693
Mutiny on the BASIS
Meuterei auf der BASIS
by Susan Schwartz

The sloops of the BASIS are located near an Earth-like planet, far away from the battles raging in Escalian. Many Galactics, especially the numerous civilians, believe that Perry Rhodan abandoned them, even though the Immortal promised to pick up the sloops soon. That is not enough for them; they want to return home as soon as possible. Since Colonel Derrayn Anrene, who has taken over command from Erik Theonta, makes no move to do anything himself, they prepare a mutiny. Heatha Neroverde has been a fashion jewelry salesperson for some time but does not ignore the surveillance of potential troublemakers. She learns that something is brewing in the CHISHOLM. The Terran Sigma Essibili, spokesman for a thirteen person council for passenger advocacy based on the recommendation of Mondra Diamond, seems to be the mastermind. In her research, however, Heatha spies on the mutineers, is captured and drugged. It gives them explosive information that helps to realize their plans.

On January 14, 1470 NGE Essibili activates his people. They take control of the CHISHOLM. Commander Electra Pauk is taken hostage. Colonel Anrene cannot stop the ship from landing on the planet. He responds to the mutineers' demands and sends some corvettes to contact Perry Rhodan. They want Rhodan to look for a Polyport court over which the sloops can leave Escalian. If no contact can be made within a certain period, Essibili wants to send out a hypercom call to Rhodan, thus making the enemy attentive of them and compromising their hiding place. To avoid this, Anrene reaches for a trick shortly before the deadline and simulates a picture call from Rhodan, whose role he takes on. By claiming to have found a way to reach the Sol system, he gains more time. The mutineers even release the CHISHOLM. Anrene is ready to let the matter go.

Corvettes return on the 16th of January. They are accompanied by the World Ship. Alaska Saedelaere makes the promise made by the feigned Perry Rhodan true. All the sloops dock to the World Ship and are brought to the vicinity of Control World I. There, a dimensional tunnel has opened that leads to an anomaly. Rhodan believes that the Sol system is in this anomaly. Between the opening of the tunnel and the Control World rages a huge space battle. Terran units are right in the middle of it...


Well, this was a big nothing of an issue. Basically, a slice of life for the Galactic bystanders in the cycle. I would have preferred it a bit earlier in the cycle, but that's how it is. Hopefully, things will pick up again next issue.

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2694 - Death Labyrinth

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Volume 2694
Death Labyrinth
By Susan Schwartz

Shamsur Routh was transferred to the Ralph Artur Clinic in Terrania because his condition is rapidly deteriorating. Ward manager Saram Ialtek and caretaker Palko, who befriends Routh, can barely do anything for their patient, because they do not know why all the synapses in the reporter's brain are gradually dying. His short-term memory is already badly affected, and Routh is often so confused that he does not know where or who he is. Clear moments in which Routh is painfully aware of his situation are becoming increasingly rare. Physical complaints also begin to accumulate.

In this situation, Chourtaird offers his help. Compared to Ialtek he claims that Routh still has an important role to play. The ward supervisor believes the Sayporan just wants to incorporate his patient's organs in himself and remains suspicious. Chourtaird is allowed to wait in the clinic for Routh's end. Using nanomachines, Routh is pulled from the abyss of oblivion one last time. His daughter Anicee visits him to say goodbye. Henrike Ybarri is too busy; she only arrives on January 14, 1470 NGE when Routh has already died. She notes that Chourtaird has taken Routh’s brain with Anicee's approval and is now in the Suspended suspension. After initial horror, Henrike allows Routh's brain to be integrated into the Continuous Sediment on Faland. She wants to reschedule her affairs of state to travel there herself via a transit parquet. It turns out that with the help of Aiden Cranstoun ( one of the crew members of the ship BOMBAY), it may be possible to contact Routh.

After his death, Routh finds himself in a nightmarish labyrinth in which he is beset by shadowy figures. An unknown person, whom Routh only realizes is Zachary Cranstoun, that he has met on Gadomenaa, helps him. Routh is given the choice of either dying for good or, like Cranstoun, immersing himself and joining in the Brain of the Dead. He chooses the latter, giving up a part of himself which then fades away forever. Routh learns that Delorian Rhodan is behind the abduction of ALLDAR's Psi-corpse. The dead superintelligence is already part of the Brain of the Dead.


Trust Susan Schwartz to put a nice little twist in the last page of an issue. So ALLDAR's corpse is part of the Brain of the Dead. If the corpse still contains active consciousnesses, like ARCHETIM had the Schaokke, it will provide a crucial twist in the final battle with QUIN SHI. Meanwhile, Shamsur becomes intellectualized, to a certain extent, and has to learn how to deal with it, which is a bit of a horror film. That's always fun. I wish it could put on film. :>

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2695 Dead Brain

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No. 2695
Dead Brain
by Michael Marcus Thurner

On January 16, 1470 NGE the dimensional tunnel created by Delorian Rhodan collapses, but a little later a new one opens. QIN SHI has created his own access to the anomaly with the facilities on Sholoubwa's control world, and his invasion fleet is ready. But Reginald Bull carries out the first blow. He leads Xylthe and Terran units through the passage into the normal universe and attacks the completely surprised opponents there. The cone spaceships fight on the front line, while the Dosanthis use their panic radiation and simultaneously shield the Terrans from the emanations of their hostile counterparts. This is how the allies achieve great successes. The morale of the Terrans is increased even further when a radio message from Perry Rhodan arrives. The immortal sends only an image: Crossed bones with a women's shoe ... QIN SHI's troops, however, get reinforced by the cylinder spaceship of the Desperate Resistance. Moreover, not all the Dosanthis are convinced that they are on the right side with the Terrans and do not show their full commitment. The invaders gradually gain the upper hand.

On the same day Henrike Ybarri, Aiden Cranstoun and Chourtaird travel to Faland. They are accompanied by Anka Hilvard, the protégé of Colonel Strasky Ankersen, commander of the RATBER TOSTAN. Anka is an empath and assists Aiden in establishing contact with his brother Zachary and Shamsur Routh in the Dead Brain. Routh and Zachary use the two para-gifted people as mouthpieces. This is how Henrike Ybarri learns the true reasons behind ALLDAR's disappearance. Somehow, Zachary and Routh have managed to gain control of the Dead Brain. The entire structure, a 19.7-kilometer-thick, one thousand two hundred eighty-three meter thick land mass enveloped in an energy screen, is released from the planet's surface. The RATBER TOSTAN and the LFT-BOXES stationed at Faland support the process with tractor beams. The Dead Brain wishes to be brought into the Sol system.

As their own losses increase – four hundred twelve cone ships and twenty-three LFT-BOXES have already been destroyed - Reginald Bull orders the retreat. The allies return to the anomaly. QIN SHI’s fleet follows them immediately. A debacle threatens, but suddenly the enemy ships stop all fighting. They are under the influence of the Dead Brain, which has recognized that QIN SHI’s troops have invaded the anomaly, after which the course of the battle was changed. Then the TOLBA is located. Delorian is still nearby. It seems that the sensor protection of his ship was temporarily broken by a light cell.


The action is coming hot and heavy now and everyone is making contact, so I can't wait for the next issue. Thurner is very talented at showing the characters' emotions and really pulled me in.

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A question about issue 2695

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Hi everyone. I forgot that I wanted to ask a question about this issue. During it, Perry sends a visual message of a pair of crossed bones and a woman's shoe as an identification that nobody but Bull would understand. Does anyone recognize the significance of this?


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Re: Synopsis by jerry

Beitrag von Richard » 14. April 2019, 19:41

Hi Jerry,
I'm just guessing - it might be some kind of "logo" of a club Perry and Bully were members back in der US Army days.

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Re: Synopsis by jerry

Beitrag von Klenzy » 14. April 2019, 22:49

Hi Jerry, the woman's shoe is from the movie "Rodan - die fliegenden Monster von Osaka". In chapter 12, Bull remembers he once watched a TV show (in the 1970s) where an unnamed comedian was joking about similarities between Rhodan and Rodan. The movie does really exist and the woman's shoe is part of it. That's all I could figure out.
Mach langsam! Das Leben ist zu kurz, um sich zu beeilen.

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Re: Question on 2695

Beitrag von jerrys109 » 16. April 2019, 14:57

" the woman's shoe is from the movie "Rodan - die fliegenden Monster von Osaka..."

Thank you very much for the information. Now the passage makes sense.


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2696 Delorian

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No. 2696
by Hubert Haensel

Ennerhahl has the assignment to secure the BOTNETZ for ES. When Delorian Rhodan leaves the anomaly, Ennerhahl sees his chance to strike and sets the TOLBA with a shackle field of his light cell. Delorian wants to explain the reasons for his actions. Ennerhahl grants him the request. Perry Rhodan and Mondra Diamond participate in the conversation taking place in a covered platform generated by the SCREW-B.

Delorian's story begins about eighteen million years ago, after the emergence of ES at INSHARAM. He encounters an older version of himself and develops a plan to break away from the superintelligence with which he is so closely connected that he can be regarded as the true "core" of ES. Delorian wants to hide from the perception of the superintelligence and at the end of the Great Time Loop quasi disappear so as not to be integrated into the consciousness pool of ES, as soon as the superintelligence no longer needs him. Until then, as the Chronicler of ES, he notes all important events in the Time Chronicles of Amringhar .

So Delorian gains insights he needs to create the ultimate hiding place for himself. He discovers the city of Aures and tailors the Suit of the Universes. In the young Samburi Yura he finds an important helper. His goal is to harvest the fruits of QIN SHI's preparations. The parasitic superintelligence has created a miniature universe that it stabilizes with superintelligence corpses. The Utrafors should later control the proposed Neuroversum. Delorian doubts that that will be enough, and steals ALLDAR's psi corpse to integrate him into the Dead Brain and use this as a control for the Neuroversum.

In order to outsmart QIN SHI, Delorian sets a Trojan horse for the superintelligence: the Multiversum Ocular. For this purpose, he hides nanospheres from Aures in the BASIS when it is under construction. ARCHETIM's body serves as a decoy for QIN SHI. However, Delorian notes that QIN SHI strikes earlier and harder than expected. Thus, contrary to Delorian's intention, the Sol system is endangered.

Delorian claims that he wants to prevent the worst. To create the Neuroversum, however, he needs a lot of vital energy. He asks Perry Rhodan to give him his cell activator. Rhodan is unwilling to do so, and certainly not because he assumes that Delorian wants to forcibly spiritualize all living things in the anomaly and merge them into a new superintelligence. Mondra stands on Delorian's side. Ennerhahl uses his means, possibilities and ways to tie up Delorian. He is ready to get rid of Delorian, but the man manages to dematerialize and escape with the TOLBA.

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2697 The Suit of the Universes

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No. 2697
Der Anzug der Universe
The Suit of the Universes
by Arndt Ellmer

Perry Rhodan and Mondra Diamond are having a relationship crisis: Since Rhodan steadfastly refuses to even consider entertaining Delorian's proposal, Mondra is feeling somewhat snuffed. Rhodan tries to understand her maternal feelings. He's ready to let Mondra go if she wants to go to Delorian, but that does not seem to satisfy Mondra either.

Meanwhile, QIN SHI’s fleet and the World Scourge deploy all the way to the anomaly passage. An attack against them is necessary, but Rhodan hesitates and behaves strangely. When he then orders the attack on the World Scourge, he hesitates with the rebooting of the converted Trade star longer than necessary. When the reboot does not happen soon enough, Ennerhahl appears with his light cell and attacks. Rhodan finally uses the Ur-controller. In this way the World Scourge is destroyed in the joint effort. Meanwhile ARDEN has hidden in the area and takes in the consciousness contents that had been trapped in the World Scourge.

The Suit of the Universes admits to having manipulated Rhodan for months. Eroin Blitzer receives coordinates from the suit, which are to be approached now. Rhodan tricks the rebellious garment by pretending to take a quick shower. After taking off his suit, he is teleported away by Gucky. The cabin is then covered with an energy field, but this will not stop the suit.

Samburi Yura appears with a spaceship that is strikingly similar to the SYZZEL ( Cosmocrat Taurec's mission vehicle ). She also has access to the former BASIS, an old Cosmocrats' station and a nearby time well. Samburi Yura says the guard station fell into her hands because Escalian is no longer perceptible to the Cosmocrats since TAFALLA had his traumatic experience in a Cosmonucleotide.

The Suit of the Universes enslaves Mondra Diamond. It seems to suck on her life energy. Rhodan makes a decision and allows the suit to pass to Samburi Yura. He certainly does not believe the Ethone’s claim that Delorian pursues lofty intentions. Meanwhile ARDEN tries to save what can be saved and withdraws all Escalianers’ (and Alaska Saedelaere’s ) Escaran. It looks like ARDEN is trying to strengthen herself for her fight against QIN SHI.

The LUMINOUSITY appears on the scene. QIN SHI is ordered to destroy the mini-universe. Samburi Yura is also expected to return to the service of the Cosmocrats and await her punishment. If these demands are not met, the destruction of the entire space sector of Escalian with a Necrophore is threatened...


Wow! Things are hopping now. All the chess pieces are in place and the next two issues (a double issue) climaxes the whole thing. I can't wait!

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2698 - The Necrophore

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No. 2698
The Necrophore
Die Nekrophore
by Uwe Anton

The commander of the LUMINOSITY designs to accept negotiations which take place in the MIKRU-JON. The being appears in the form of the March Hare - the strange rabbit from "Alice in Wonderland". The rabbit is obviously a shapeshifter, because when Perry and Delorian dare to contradict him, he temporarily assumes other body shapes. The rabbit repeats his threats but is remarkably badly informed. He seems to think Delorian is working with QIN SHI. He sets his negotiating partners a period of several hours within which to fulfill his demands. Delorian has another plan which he informs his father about and presents the coordinates of Evolux at the next meeting with the rabbit. Delorian plausibly assures the rabbit that he can use the BOTNETZ to move the LUMINOSITY with the Necrophore to the direct vicinity of the shipyard planet of the Cosmocrats and then release the Necrophore there. When the rabbit orders his ship to destroy the BOTNETZ, nothing happens. Rhodan learns later that Samburi Yura had long ago reprogrammed the on-board computer DAN with the help of Nanogents from Delorian. The rabbit returns to his ship. Rhodan congratulates his son on the successful bluff. Delorian, however, claims that he had not bluffed.

In this stalemate Samburi Yura appears. The discussions are once again going in circles. Rhodan realizes that he cannot reason with Mondra Diamond anymore. She only thinks of their son and reproaches Rhodan for not helping him. Alaska Saedelaere asks Samburi Yura for a private conversation. He still loves the Enthone, is tired of life, and has a suggestion to make that she accepts.

In the meantime, QIN SHI, ARDEN and the BASIS cells enter the anomaly. Reginald Bull orders the retreat of his worn down fleet into the alleged security of the Sextadim bubble. The merged Multiverse Ocular and the Dead Brain follow. After QIN SHI has feasted on the Fa system's population, his kilometer-sized avatar runs up against the Sextadim bubble. Although he is thrown back again and again, he absorbs massive amounts of energy from it. The stations from which the protective screen is generated begin to fail. ARDEN arrives to fight a desperate battle against parasitic superintelligence to fight. QIN SHI, however, is only temporarily distracted; he devours ARDEN and becomes even more powerful.

Saedelaere offers himself to the March Hare to serve as commander of the LUMINOSITY in exchange for Samburi Yura’s freedom. The rabbit sees the "cosmic man" as appropriate for the job and realizes that the Enthone would be reluctant to work for the Cosmocrats anyway. As Saedelaere says goodbye to his friends, Rhodan realizes what the mask-bearer did - he gave his cell activator to Samburi Yura and will thus go to dust in sixty-two hours, on January 20, 1470 NGE…


Holey moley! I loved this issue. There are real emotional stakes in play here and everything is coming to a climax. One issue to go till teh end of the cycle, and I cannot wait. I don't believe they'll kill of Alaska though. At worst, he'll use use life extension treatments in the LUMINOSITY and be sent off in that way. We shall soon see.

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2699 The Neuroversum

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Volume 2699
The Neuroversum
Der Neuroversum
by Uwe Anton

Alaska Saedelaere is set up in a luxurious suite in the LUMINOSITY. The March Hare does not hide the fact that he knows the mask bearer no longer has a cell activator. That, the creature assures him, is of no importance in the Cosmocrat cylinder, because here he will not age anymore. On the other hand, that would only apply to while he is on board the LUMINOSITY, so Alaska can never leave the ship without dying. The ship’s computer DAN influenced by Samburi Yura secretly talks to Alaska in a projection form and offers his help.

The Sextadim bubble surrounding the Sol system is not up to the onslaught by QIN SHI and collapses. However, the parasitic superintelligence does not attack, but withdraws. With stimulants, Reginald Bull brings Shanda Sarmotte back to consciousness from the faint in which the mutant had fallen as a result of the emanations from QIN SHI, because he must know what is going on. Shanda realizes that the components of TANEDRAR devoured by QIN SHI now account for more than half of the consciousness of superintelligence and is wrestling with the original part. That's exactly what TANEDRAR's plan was. The TANEDRAR portion forces QIN SHI to go to the Ephemeral Gate. That is where the integration of ARCHETIM's psimaterial corpse into the anomaly is taking place. QIN SHI’s fleet deployed at the Sol system also moves to the Ephemeral Gate without firing a shot. Bull follows with a contingent of the Mobile Combat fleet.

The March Hare once again confronts Perry Rhodan and his companions with the familiar unfulfillable demands. Rhodan realizes that his son is behind the establishment of the incompetent interim commander of the LUMINOSITY and that Delorian ia playing for time. Then TAFALLA, TANEDRAR’s last component appears. The entity is filled with hatred for everything that comes from the Cosmocrats and attacks the LUMINOSITY. Although he almost destroys himself, the cobalt-blue cylinder, which was not fully operational anyway, is still only battered. The March Hare is trapped within an energy field Mikru projects. The MIKRU-JON, the miniature SYZZEL, the TOLBA and Ennerhahl’s light cell bombard the LUMINOSITY with everything they have. At the same time DAN temporarily deactivates all systems of the Cosmocrat cylinder. But even without energy, the ship made on Evolux still resists all attacks. Only when Eroin Blitzer sacrifices the World Ship, is the battle won. Alaska is thrown with the LUMINOSITY after the explosion of the World Ship to an unknown area of the cosmos. Eroin Blitzer is on board too; he had left the World Ship at the last moment. Meanwhile, the BOTNETZ puts the entire system of Sholoubwa’s control world with all the spaceships in it into the anomaly. Isolated from the LUMINOSITY, the March Hare cannot exist and dissolves.

QIN SHI feels betrayed and abandoned by all his helpers. Full of anger, he sends his entire fleet into the black hole of the Ephemeral Gate, so that it is destroyed. Then TANEDRAR wins the upper hand again. TANEDRAR finally makes QUIN SHI understand that it is best to surrender himself. TANEDRAR / QIN SHI feeds itself into the anomaly. That was the forty-eighth, and thus the last superintelligence needed. The anomaly is now permanently stable. The now dying TAFALLA asks to be put to rest in the sun Sol, replacing ARCHETIM. Rhodan and Bull fulfill this wish. After all, TAFALLA inherently ensured that the Realm of Harmony was hidden from the perception of the Cosmocrats - maybe the same is possible with the Sol system or even the whole local group.

Ennerhahl considers his mission fulfilled and says goodbye. Delorian does not care to make that. He simply he prepares the ignition of the Neuroversum. All one hundred twenty-eight thousand Utrofars merge with the Multiversum Ocular into the Utrofarian Sum, which is to become the navigator of the Neuroversum. Rhodan and Mondra Diamond, who decides to remain at Delorian's side, have little left to say to each other. The MIKRU-JON also wants to stay behind in the Neuroversum, so to speak as a lifeline for Mondra, in case she should change her mind. Nemo Partijan also decides to stay with Mondra, whom he has feelings for. Delorian fulfills his promise and sends the Sol system to its original place in the standard universe. Rhodan has a crystal given to him by Mondra, from Delorian, containing an extrapolation of the development within the anomaly. It shows how the Neuroversum emerges - a universe free from the Moral Code, untouchable by the Higher Powers; an entity that will have to find its own way in the multiverse.


Wow, again! What an ending for the cycle. I wonder if we'll ever find out what happened with the new Neuroversum and if we'll ever see Alaska again. Poor Perry, he just can't seem to catch a break with his children. I wouldn't mind seeing one where he has a good relationship, but the child simply lives a regular lifespan. Now - off to a new cycle!

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2700 The Techno-Moon

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Der Techno-Mond
The Techno-Moon
By Andreas Eschbach

When the Sol system returns to its traditional place in the standard universe on January 17, 1470 NGE Terra time, thirty-three years have already passed in the standard universe. The year is 1503 NGE, and due to the long absence of the main world of the League of Free Terrans, much has changed in the Milky Way. The Earth is no longer the seat of government of the LFT. Arun Joschannan was elected the new First Terran. The worlds of the Sol system have their own government, which resides in the Solar House on Terra. The Prime Minister is the Solar Premier Cai Cheung.

In the year 1501 NGE the Polyport court ITHAFOR-5 was moved into the Ghatamyz system within the control of the Jülziish due to interfere with the nearby Nabeg Sun transmitter. This has led to conflicts with the Northside Tefroders, who are very interested in the Polyport court, because they have been denied free access to this transport system till now. Under the leadership of High Tamaron Vetris-Molaud, the Tefroders arrive, claiming the area is now part of a new Tamanium. Their power is steadily increasing, and with armed conflicts between them and the Jülziish, the Galacticum has sent a Terran contingent under Colonel Anna Patoman's command to watch over the Polyport court.

The Sol system has returned from the Neuroversum anomaly without the Earth moon. Luna being missing leads to serious ecological changes on Terra. Luna only appears again in Earth orbit in 1512 NGE, but the satellite has fundamentally changed. The entire surface is overgrown with technical facilities called a "techno braid ". The so-called Repulsor Wall prevents any approach. Pucky tried in vain 1512 NGE to reach the moon via teleportation. Since then he has been in a coma. His meditank is in the Startac Schroeder Clinic in Terrania. It is unclear whether the mousebeaver will ever wake up again, whether he will still have para-gifts and which ones they will be, because his brain has to reconfigure itself. Many people regard the sickly green moon as a threat and migrate out of the Sol system. By 1514 NGE - the Solar Residence now hovers over the capital of the planet Maharani - about one billion Terrans have already left their homeworld. Various sects such as the Exodists and the followers of the Techno-Mahdi have formed.

Disguised as a side project of the Waringer Academy, the solar government is building the experimental special spaceship STARDIVER on the spaceport of Terrania. Sichu Dorksteiger, the Chief Scientist of the LFT, leads the top-secret project. Even the First Terran is not fully informed about this project. It is hoped to reach the Moon with the STARDIVER because the ship has the Hypertrans Progressor, a propulsion system that was originally developed for intergalactic flight which allows the two hundred meter bullet shaped spacecraft to change hyperspace from a standstill. A large amount of Salkrit is required for this, located in two spindle-shaped extensions at the poles of the ship. However, the new drive also makes slow flights in hyperspace possible, and in this way the STARDIVER is supposed to approach the moon. The crew of the almost fully automated and unarmed vessel must be in a state of suspension. The pilot has to merge with the ship. The only person who has already made the necessary experience, is Perry Rhodan, the former mental pilot of the spaceship MIKRU-JON .

Rhodan lives in a former embassy building in Terrania's Garnaru district. He is still Prefect of the Polyport System and League Special Representative. For some time now, the billionaire Vicco Bughassidov, who is heavily into his Russian heritage, is trying to gain Rhodan's support for an ambitious research project. With his private ship KRUSENSTERN, a converted Posbi cube, he searches for the wandering planet Medusa, which - as Bughassidow believes he knows - left the Sol system long ago on a certain course. Rhodan is not interested at first, but has the man checked out by the Terran League Service. When Attila Leccore informs him that the KRUSENSTERN's pilot is a young woman named Farye Sepheroa, who is apparently his granddaughter, Rhodan's interest is awakened. He meets with Bughassidow in the KRUSENSTERN and learns that the multi-billionaire has found a cavern on the Jupiter moon Europa dating back ten to twenty million years ago, filled with alien technology and evidence of Medusa. To calculate the wanderer’s course, Bughassidow needs computing time on the biopositronic OTHERWISE, which was brought to the Solar House as a replacement for NATHAN. Rhodan puts off Bughassidov due to his upcoming moon mission. An opportunity to speak with Farye Sepheroa does not arise.

In June 1514 NGE, forty-four years after the abduction of the Sol system by QIN SHI and eleven years after its return, it is known someone is intently watching the entire Sol system from Luna. But the probe impulses caught give no information about these unknowns. The launch of the STARDIVER is therefore scheduled for the 19th of June. This is the anniversary of Perry Rhodan's first moon flight. Aboard, in addition to Perry Rhodan is Hyper-physicist Fionn Kemeny, Shanda Sarmotte and Toufec. The ideal distraction happens to have occurred. By ITHAFOR-5, there has been a fierce space battle between Tefroders and Blues. Vetris-Molaud is personally on site with his flagship VOHRATA. Colonel Patoman did not intervene in the battle, but he tries to save the survivors. On behalf of the Galacticum, a relief convoy with seventy other ships from the Sol system is set to leave for Ghatamyz.

Thus, the STARDIVER can approach the moon unnoticed. The fifty meter high spindles create a transfer bubble, the ship enters hyperspace and penetrates the Repulsor Wall. At the same moment the Techno-braid opens. Thirty-two spherical ships with rings around the equator rise into space. Two shoot off after the STARDIVER, while the rest crosses the Repulsor Wall. A humanoid with black lacquer skin and golden eyes responds to the Terrans’ calls. He calls himself Shekval Genneryc, commander of the Space Father HOOTRI, leader of the Onryon Space Pack and spokesman for the Atopic Tribunal. The Tribunal feels that mankind has had to endure enough wars and therefore forbids any superluminal space travel in the Sol system. Nevertheless, when the aid convoy ships go into linear flight, they are shot down with torpedoes that can even track their targets in linear space. The Terrans shoot back but cannot crack the shields of the Onryones.

Shekval Genneryc spreads another message that is received throughout the Milky Way. He announces the first day of the first year of the Atopic Tribunal. Two Galactics are being accused of major crimes and should be handed over to the Tribunal for trial. The defendants are Perry Rhodan and Bostich. Rhodan is said to be responsible for the DORIFER shock caused by him and for the killing of superintelligence such as Seth-Apophis and KOLTOROC. He is also charged with a crime that he will commit in the future. In the 8th Circle of Justice of the year 84,387 he will cause a world conflagration: the Ecpyrosis of GA-yomaad . Due to the gravity of this act, the Atopic Council is determined to take preventive action. Rhodan and Bostich are to be delivered within three days.

Meanwhile, knowing none of this, Perry Rhodan and his three companions have managed to reach the lunar surface. They want to find out if humans still live there.


Well, this is certainly an interesting time jump. We'll have to see what happens. Hopefully, the new cast of characters will turn out to be fun to watch. Can anyone tell me if 'Space Father' (Raumvater) and 'Space Pack' (Raumrudel) are appropriate translations? Thanks.

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2701 Under the Techno-crust

Beitrag von jerrys109 » 2. Mai 2019, 17:07

Volume 2701
Under The Techno-crust
Unter der Technokruste
By Christian Montillon

Quick Facts:

Almost sixty years have passed on the moon compared to the real time of the normal universe. During the transfer of the Sol system, the Lunar people had the impression that their homeland was falling through an endless shaft.

After twenty-six lunar years since the beginning of this fall, the first Onryon ship appears. Further ships follow until about one hundred thousand Onryons live on the moon, who take over rule there.


The STARDIVER is shot down. Perry Rhodan and his companions are rescued by Pazuzu, who at the same time protects the humans from any locating, and brings them to the lunar surface. Rhodan triggers the self-destruct system of the STARDIVER by means of a signal generator. Thus, the Terrans cannot leave the moon for the time being. Luna's entire surface is covered with a techno-weave. In some places, the metallic, bizarrely shaped layer is only millimeters thick, while others are covered by multiple layers of interwoven strands and other formations. The techno-weave is moving and constantly changing. The lunar dome cities are overgrown, but still exist. The Terrans discover an opening through which they can reach Luna Town IV. The techno-weave continues inside the deserted city, but there are only individual strands and metallic-plant-like structures (techno-herbage), which remind them of rolling tumbleweeds and immediately proceed to attack as soon as a person approaches them. A huge cluster of small creatures under the Panzertroplon dome supplies bioluminescent light.

Shanda Sarmotte receives the only partially understandable thoughts of a being who calls himself Pyzhurg. It turns out that it is an Onryone child that serves as a guard for sleeping peers. When the children awake, they attack the humans. Shanda realizes that the young Onryons are terrified of humans. They paralyze the children. After that, Shanda picks up the thoughts of a Lunar woman named Quinta Weienater. The woman, together with two companions, is preparing a sabotage act against the artificial sun. Rhodan is not sure which side he should support. Who is the aggressor, who is the victim? As Onryonian fighters and robots mercilessly kill the two male saboteurs and severely wound Quinta, Rhodan intervenes and fights the Onryons. Quinta recognizes Rhodan and asks him to find an important person named Pri Sipiera, who is in the Luna City Moon Prison. A look at Quinta's timepiece shows that Luna took much longer to return from the anomaly than the rest of the Sol system. On the moon the date is the 25th of October 1572 NGE (Lunar time).

Rhodan takes the comatose woman to the capital Luna City. For a prison there are surprisingly normal conditions. However, there are patrolling Onryon troops and some of them have human collaborators. The Terrans must flee from such a squad. A short-adult with oversized hands beckons Rhodan's group to a safe hiding place. The dwarf is named Loolon and leads the small troop into the sublunar plants. Rhodan learns from Loolon that in Luna City a security system known as the Securist is active, which does not miss a thing going on. Loolon brings Rhodan's group to the former luxury hotel Lunafant, a base of the Lunar Resistance, where Rhodan meets Pri Sipiera. The wiry little redhead is the leader of the resistance. She is the daughter of the then Security Chief Antonin Sipiera, and was born in 1513 NGE (Lunar time). Her father kept a diary of the events after the failed transfer of Luna.

1470 NGE: Luna is in an indefinable, possibly higher-dimensional medium. The Lunar residents have the impression that their homeland is falling through an endless shaft, approximately four hundred thousand kilometers wide, and at its edges are hyperenergetic flashes of lightning. When trying to explore the shaft, a probe and a manned spaceship are lost. The moon is shaken by ever-increasing and more frequent moonquakes. It is believed that these quakes will break apart the celestial body in a few decades. On April 23, 1496 NGE (Lunar time) a two thousand one hundred meter diameter, deep red shining spherical ship appears. It is the Space Father TUUCIZ under the command of the Onryon Fheyrbasd Hannacoy. He claims that his ship is stranded in the shaft (which the Onryons call an n-dimensional lateral). He asks for asylum for the crew members of the TUUCIZ. Administrator Leila Toran agrees. The Onryons found the city of Iacalla, which was inhabited only by them on the "dark" side of the moon. They manage to make contact with nine other Onryon ships, which are also located in the shaft. More ships follow, so that eventually seventy to one hundred thousand Onryons live in Iacalla. Gradually, Galactics also settle there. In the following years, fewer and fewer children are born to both humans and Onryons. The Onryons assume that it will be possible to put Luna back into the standard universe because the moon is still imprinted with normal four-dimensional space-time. They measure migratory centers of gravity in the shaft responsible for the moonquakes. These centers are called gravitational vagabonds. In 1511 NGE (Lunar time) for the first time an Onryon child is born again. It's only two years later that the Lunar child, Pri Sipiera, is born.

Whew, quite an info-dump in this issue. We find out what happened to Luna, but the important details of the background for the occupation of the moon are still to come. I hope that it does not take too long to come out. It was nice to see that Shanda and Toufec are still around and active. And Kemeny could end up to be a fun addition to the gang, but I have a feeling he'll only be around for another issue or two. He isn't doing too well as a field agent scientist.

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Re: 2700 The Techno-Moon

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jerrys109 hat geschrieben:… Can anyone tell me if 'Space Father' (Raumvater) and 'Space Pack' (Raumrudel) are appropriate translations? Thanks.
Hi Jerry,
I'd say it's adequate to translate Raumvater with "Space Father".
When using "Space" in this regard we have to keep in mind that it denotes a certain class of space vessel.
And "Father", hm, "Father" perhaps associates well with "Fatherland". At least in German. Which shifts its meaning a bit into a nationalistic direction. and that fits very well, I think.

"Space Pack" however is fully adequate to Raumrudel.
Onryons live in clusters that can be seen as something like family. They even sleep together in clusters where one of the pack is always alert ( the Pyzhurg ) or hand over that now symbolic task to a wooden statuette with the same name, just like they did perhaps in ancient times when living in the wild.

More details here: ... meinschaft



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